I have created lots of websites in my life. But this time, I am doing it in public and all of my NShamimPRO members can follow it and implement exactly whatever I am doing here in this site.

I will log everything in this article. So that I can track the progress and everything.

May 17, 2018 – I just indexed my Amazon Site on Google. So far, I published 15+ review post and 10+ informative articles on the blog section.

September 10 – Its been 4 months I indexed my site and seems like I am going with a very slow mode. As I am taking care of a lot of other projects for my clients and myself (other blogs); I am literally finding  it hard to manage an adequate amount of time for this project.

But, slow but steady has been always my motto and I am sure, I will make it happen for this project as well.

So far, I have published 30+ review pages in my site and 13 informative article.

Most of the review pages are 2500 words+ long and looking forward to starting building links to them soon.

September 12 – Gathering a lot of contacts and sites to start outreaching following a method I discovered recently. Will share the trick in a separate article soon in this blog.

October 8 – I was taken to local law enforcement camp in a result of a huge conspiracy that I never thought can happen with me. Anyways, this is life and I can’t change the time, events that are not in my hand. Life goes by.

February 10, 2019 – I started working on the site again. No link building yet. Just checked the site stats on ahrefs and found I started getting some traffics as some informative articles got ranked.

April 24 – According to ahrefs, I am getting on average 368 Visitors/month. Got 18 backlinks so far from 8 domains. Got 1 link from content naturally and one grabbed from donating to an Org. 🙂 I have ranked on the first page for 78 keywords (30% of the keywords are slightly similar to one another).

Though haven’t yet generated any sales for my main reviewed products (I am on the first page for 2 buying keywords, so far), but I have generated $14.26 so far from my niche related low priced products (Thanks to Amazon cookies :D).

So far, I have published 25 review pages and 15 informative articles. That means, in total, I have 40 contents. If I look to my top competitor, he has 380+ pages (review + info combined). So, I need to reach to that level as soon as possible. Already ordered some contents on iWriter, Freelancer.com and one guy I found from his blog.

I have already finished linking to all the Amazon Products by today (I didn’t link out and that is why the earning is low. But it’s progressing and I am happy with the graph so far).

There are lots of things I need to implement ASAP. Some of these are –

  • Adding some logos on my homepage (for E.A.T)
  • Adding meta Description to all of my pages (I am too lazy to do that so far 🙁 )
  • Making all the post featured snippet proof. (Hell lot of works)
  • Publishing some pending blog posts and review pages one by one. (Deadline, this week)
  • Start outreaching to my list seriously (Already collected 200+ blog owners email, their website address, resource pages and so on – all of them are related to my niche industry, of course). I used Dibz to automate the contacts finding process and will use Lemlist to email them one by one.
  • Already got an offer from sponsored post and will need to get someone to write content for that post as well. Because the DA/PA of that blog is intimidating. 😛

April 25: Added Google Analytics on the site. I saw a 50% bounce rate so far from a couple of hundreds of visitors. For a niche site, 50% bounce rate is pretty good because visitors come here to read the review and leave immediately. Let’s see how I can optimize the CTR% and Bounce Rate% as well. Will share it soon!

June 30, 2019: The site passed its first 100 Dollar month. I am really proud of it (though not myself with as I couldn’t implement anything at all).

Here is the current position of my site –

– Got links from 32 domains.
– 430 visitors per month (According to ahrefs).
– According to Google Analytics, I am getting 100+- visitors/users on average per day. And 79% traffics are from Organic Searches (specially Google) and the bounce rate is 68.4%. Traffic stays about 2/ minutes in my site which I may have to put my focus more on to improve.

– I generated 894 clicks to my Affiliate Links. The conversion rate was 2.3% and the total generated money was $98.22.

July 19, 2019: I have audited one page of the Live Niche site today and found the following issues –

Stuff Absent: 

  • Internal Link 
  • External Link
  • Video / Rich Media 
  • Image For Pinterest
  • Comparison Table

Staff Exist: 

  • Meta Description
  • Keywords in the First 2 Paragraph
  • Keyword Exist in Title
  • Keyword Distribution Looks good 
  • Alternative Tag present 

I found almost all the thing mentioned above is absent in 99% of my sales pages (except the one I audited). But still, the site is getting 450+ unique visitors (from ahrefs). Now its time to update all the pages one by one.

May 01, 2020 – The site is making $1000/M now on –

  • Current Visitor Session – 16,000
  • Current Earning – $1000

— To be continued.

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