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Backlinks became a buzzword as the scope of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expanded.

Just as amino acids of proteins, backlinks are the major building blocks of effective SEO.

If you’re a beginner, wondering what a backlink is, backlinks are links that are linked and directed toward your site. The number of backlinks indicates the popularity of a website.

But, the ugly truth about backlinks is building backlinks is time-consuming and painstaking.

Even if you do end up building a massive collection of backlinks, they need to be indexed.


If backlinks are not indexed, they are invisible to Google’s eyes. Google doesn’t automatically index every page you’ve built links on. So, you need to have your backlinks indexed, or else your whole SEO efforts will be in vain.

So, more content indexed will result in more traffic. More link indexed means, more page trust flow/citation flow has been passed to your pages.

Now, what can you do to index the backlinks?

If you’re a beginner and looking for ways to index your backlinks fast. Then, follow this guide. All the techniques listed here are subtly tested and 100% proven.

What Will You Learn From This Guide?

» Why you need to index backlinks?

» What could happen if you don’t index?

» How to index backlinks?

» How to index low-quality links?

» How to index high-quality links easily?

» Tracking indexed backlinks

To strengthen your online presence, a website can bear your brand. And, it’s essential that you bring the audience you’re targeting to your website.

Why index backlinks?

“82% of backlinks created are worthless unless they are indexed.”  So, you have created a plethora of low-quality and high-quality backlinks? Now you’re just waiting for your blog to be ranked? But, as I described above creating backlinks is not enough, you need to have them indexed. So, you could get more exposure and traffic. And, Google won’t index all of your backlinks. Backlinks indexing is an important part of SEO strategy as all your efforts will be futile if you do not index.

What you could lose if you don’t index?

Google has a policy that doesn’t identify low-quality links. So, unless the links you developed are high-quality, Google won’t recognize your backlinks. If Google doesn’t register those backlinks, then website traffic will drop significantly. Plus, irrelevant links could thwart your SEO efforts.

Backlink Indexing Methods

There are various ways available you can index your backlinks with. Below is a list of those methods. Let’s explore and see which suits you:

  • Search Console Method
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Sharing
  • Using Premium Tools
  • Video Hacks

Google Search Console Method

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google. The tool helps you check on the index status of your website. You need to create an account with Google in order to utilize the method. After creating an account with Google, follow the steps listed below:

Backlink Indexation method

 Step 01: Submit your URL to link by following this link- Add Your URL

 Step 02: Just place your URL into the box

 Step 03: Click on “Submit to Index”, then complete the process by imputing a captcha.


 Time-consuming :- You have to submit your URL to Google serially, thus it consumes a lot of time. Also, you have to complete a captcha every time for each link submitted.

Very slow indexing :- As you’ll have to submit your links again and again. It slows down the indexing process.

 Limitation:- Furthermore, you can submit not more than 50 links a day.

Pinging Method

It’s a very popular method for indexing. Ping services offer an effective way to herald your site’s existence. Pinging is rather becoming obsolete. So, don’t expect much better results from this method. Below is a list of services that help you ping:

  » 24/7 Pinger

  » Ping Farm



» Ping-O-Matic.Com

how to index backlinks

You just need to visit these sites to submit your links for pinging.

Social Media Sharing

Share your backlink URLs on popular social networking sites for quick exposure. Consider sharing with Google+, as it tends to appear in SERPs fast.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmark your backlinks to social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking has become a popular way to attain backlinks in recent times. There are thousands of social bookmarking sites — popular among them are as follows:

 » LiveJournal

 » StumbleUpon

 » Pinterest

 » Reddit


For instance:- I’m showing you the ways you can index your backlinks with social bookmarking method. I’ll be using LiveJournal.

  » Go to, then click on Register

  » Create an account with LiveJournal

  » After creating an account, fill up your profile form

  » Click on Post / Post New Entry

  » Now add the subject of your post

  » Add a few details of the backlinks in the HTML section

  » Now add the tags and click on the Post button

Utilize Social Signals:- If you notice that some of your links aren’t indexed yet, or just you want to ensure that all of your links are indexed properly, utilize social signals. Social signals are shares, likes, tweets, pins, etc. Social signals can help you index backlinks. Social signals are effective ways to index for low-quality backlinks. Just visit PBN Butler and order social signals as per your requirement.

How to Quick Index with the Video Sitemap Trick?

Apart from all the methods described above, I decided to write a section emphasizing on this unorthodox trick. Follow the steps listed below:

Step 01: Attach a YouTube video on the page you want to index – browse YouTube for any videos relevant to your niche. Look for the embed code and copy the code.

Step 02: Pasting – now paste the embed code into your page’s HTML editor, then save the document

Step 03: Google XML sitemap – install Google XML sitemap for videos

Step 04: Google pinging – produce a sitemap, then ping Google

Indexing High-Quality Links

 Linklicious: This service is the first to develop a crawling and indexing service. Its strategies are routinely tested. It’s a premium service. However, you can avail a free version. It could get you covered for your primary steps. However, you will need the premium version for pinging.

 LinkPipeline: You can avail its basic package for $27/month. It can be a bit expensive. But, the tool is highly effective to have your links indexed within 24 hours. You can manage all your indexing strategies, such as: guest posting, PBN posting, citations, forum posting with LinkPipeline.

  Indexification: This tool sorts your short URLs of the links, ping them, then create and turn in with RSS feeds. The tool also creates and pings sitemaps. Its management offers guarantee that Google bots will crawl every link you submit to them. It will cost you $24.97/month for 50,000 links a day.

Note: I don’t use any indexation tool these days. I just give the new post backlinks from my other site which is getting traffics regularly and being indexed always. This gets my new page/website indexed at almost immediately. 

How to track the backlinks you indexed?

Done going through all the methods above and indexing, now want to check whether the backlinks are really indexed or not? Just use “Info: your link”. For example: Info: But, what if you created thousands of backlinks, then it will be difficult to check out each and every one of those backlinks. So, visit and check your indexation rate. You can export the results to a Google Sheet or Excel file.


  » Using Fiverr to buy a mass link package

  » Building backlinks on index platforms that applies nofollow tags on the links automatically. That will thwart your SEO effort.

Bottom Line

Getting your backlinks indexed is somewhat a difficult task. If you want to index both your low-quality and high-quality links, you need to follow the methods mentioned above. Consider going through all the dos and don’ts too in order to achieve the best results.

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