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As we are living in the modern era, every year introduces us to new technologies, new ideas, and new devices. Our lives are changing and becoming much easier. We now have a wide range of choices when it comes to consumer products. We are experiencing a paradigm shift!

Like everything, the world of marketing is changing. It’s changing in a way that you need more things than a great idea or fat bankroll. Traditional advertising is becoming obsolete under the dominance of inbound marketing platforms.

Now it’s not the loudest who can attract more customers — it’s the most active! The medium of marketing that’s changing the way we perceive is content marketing! If you’re here to hone your content marketing skill, then you already know what it is. You know how it transformed the way businesses interact with their customers.

This stat shows us how content marketing eclipsed outbound marketing: “While content marketing costs 62″ less than outbound marketing, it generates more than 3 times as many leads.”

Content marketing is a staple of a digital marketing strategy. The success of your online marketing campaign almost entirely depends on content marketing. It grew even more popular in 2016. Content marketing offers immense perks that a digital marketer can’t but deploy.

You may be wondering what you stand to gain through content marketing in 2017. After all, every year going by brings about more challenges. As marketing paradigm shifts, technologies develop and customer preferences change, the question that moves around is, “What do they want?”

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to have a succinct understanding on trends and to armed with effective strategies. In this article, I compiled all the trends and strategies to help you thrive in the content marketing realm.

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What You Will Learn in this Guide:

  • Why Content Marketing Should Be a Key Part of your Brand’s Strategy in 2020.
  • The Most Valuable Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020.
  • The Most Effective Strategies to Transform your Content Marketing in 2020.

As a digital marketer, you can’t but leverage the power of content. Let’s find out why its power will stay indomitable even in 2020:

Why Content Market Will Be Key in 2020?

“Content marketing drives 6 times higher conversion rates than their competitors.”

Consumers today are entangled with more adverts and emails than ever before. So, the impact of traditional marketing channels is subsiding. Content marketing has the potential to resonate even more powerfully. Because it caters to your customers’ needs and interests.

Most B2B marketers base their marketing strategy on content marketing. It’s confirmed that “The majority (88%) of B2B marketers use content marketing in their marketing strategies.” It is obvious why so many B2B marketers prefer content marketing. It conveys your brand’s personality without abruptly promoting it.

More and more people are now installing ad-blocking software. “More than 200 million people now use ad blockers.” It’s getting harder for paid advertisements to spread their message.

Content marketing helps you interact with your customers without being overly promotional. You can build brand trust among your audience in this way. More and more brands are recognizing how powerful content marketing is. They understand if they ignore it they are more than likely to fall behind.

The Most Valuable Content Marketing Trends

Want to know what content marketing trends will make your 2020 easier and more productive? Just follow the list:

  • Marketers Will Optimize Videos More – using video to capture user’s attention has long been one of the most effective ways. It will retain its dominance again for 2020. If you manage an online business, but don’t have a video marketing campaign, then you’re not only falling behind but also failing to build valuable brand recognition. The video is a powerful medium to keep in contact with your audience. A video marketing campaign will surely increase potential conversions and revenue.

Popular social media solution site, HubSpot, finds that an average user is exposed to almost 32 videos a month. So, why does the average user such a huge volume of the video? It’s an actual investment in video production that worked for individuals and companies to gain better rankings and ROI.

Statistics also confirm their success. A research conducted by Aberdeen and Vidyard finds that marketers who led a video marketing campaign experienced 49% faster revenue than non-video users.

Pro Tip #1: to maintain a strong position in the SERPs, invest a good amount of resources into optimizing videos.

  • Producing More Content – The need for more content is ever-increasing. And, marketers need to respond to the demand and feed a large volume of content.

“70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016, while 25% of them will maintain the same amount of content.”

So, it’s obvious that the trend of producing more content will be intense! Now don’t go out and start churning out content. Since quantity will not overtake quality. It’s important that you produce content, but make sure they align with your marketing approach and ROI. Quality content is something that can entertain, interest, and educate viewers. So, prioritize producing such content.

Pro Tip #2: Create more video content and lead video-driven SEO campaigns. Optimize your content’s title, description to rank higher. Change video thumbnails appropriate for social media postings. 

  • No Space for Click Bait – how annoying it is to be victimized by clickbait! There isn’t probably a single Internet user who never fell victim to clickbait. The familiar images we are used to seeing, containing catchy and appealing headlines may decline in 2020 and beyond. As they prompt a user to click through but don’t offer what the title described or redirect the user to another website. The good news is social media platforms recognized the annoying ploy and are taking measures to combat it. Facebook, the largest social-networking site, will issue the ban on the users who create click-bait titles.

Pro Tip #3: Avoid using words like ‘exclusive,’ ‘sensational’, or ‘shocking’ to promote a video or other types of content. 

  • Live Streaming Video – the first two trends described how the video will dominate the content publication. However, to make your content more dominant, try live streaming. The video is the most engaging type of content.

Video feeds is the growing consumption of content. And, the video will account for 70% of all Internet traffic by 2017. A Cisco study finds that video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019.

What makes live streaming videos so unique and powerful is that they are unedited, natural and they inform the viewer right when an event is happening. As live video consumption increases, brands are utilizing live streaming for their marketing efforts.

Check out how BuzzFeed live-streamed the video of two of its trying to explode a watermelon with rubber bands.

Pro Tip #4:  Consider live-streaming when you are to take a Q&A session with your customers. Live stream an explanation of your product or service to make it more credible.

  • Native Advertising – Native advertising will surely be one of the most profitable and viral forms of content. Who doesn’t hate intrusive and entirely promotional ads? No wonder people are installing ad-blockers now more than ever. To aid the user, the idea of native advertising emerged. Native advertising is committed to keeping the user experience intact. The non-intrusive nature of native advertising certainly increased the chances of ad views. Business giants like the New York Times, the Atlantic, BuzzFeed claimed a significant portion of their revenue through Native Advertising.

Pro Tip #5: don’t try to brag. Inform people of your experience, your mistakes, and how you overcame them. Develop guidelines and teams for native content.

The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies

If applied correctly, content marketing can generate brand awareness and leads. But, how can you apply correctly? Follow the instructions listed below:

  • Understand Your Audience – content marketing isn’t about sales. What it is about is educating, informing, or otherwise entertaining your readers. In this way, you get to build your customer trust. If you want to lead a successful content marketing campaign, you need to understand your audience first.
  • Determine Customer Personas – who is your ideal customer and prospect? What could they consider before making a buying decision? What would you if you were a customer? These are some of the effective questions to ask to develop the personas of your customers.
  • Find the Correct Content Mix – your correct mix could contain articles, infographics, videos, eBooks, newsletters, etc. Mixing various types of content helps you cater to the varying needs of different contingents.
  • Nurture Leads – Lead nurturing usually involves email marketing and marketing automation. However, the concept is also becoming popular with content marketing. Since your goal is to target, reach, and nurture prospects until they convert.

I have covered 20+ Content Marketing Tools which may help you process your campaign and stands out from the millions of marketers.

Bottom Line – the success of a content marketing campaign is not achieved overnight. You have to be patient, versatile, and creative. Continue engaging with your audience, educate them, and entertain them. Make them feel they are a vital part of your company. Additionally follow this guide to make yourself knowledgeable on the latest content marketing trends and strategies and design your campaign accordingly.

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