To me, the SEO industry is the only industry where people love to share the stuff they do every day. It ranges from Tools to techniques to executions and the process – you will find everything freely on different blogs and forums without paying any dimes.

In addition to that, people and entrepreneurs are actively producing top-notch SEO tools and SaaS products for free for the betterment of the community (still there are some catches exist, but still worthy).

Though there are some limitations for every free tool, still these are worth trying as these costs you no money at all and 90% of the time get your jobs done!

I have a dedicated page where I outlined all the Premium & Freemium SEO tools I use regularly, but this time I am going to share all the SEO Tools those are completely free and serves you what exactly you need.

Here you go one by one (sectioned by usage categories like Keyword Research, Content, Link Building, KW Tracking, and Website UI & UX).

Keyword Research :

  • Ubersuggest – Neil put an insane amount of effort here and made this tool even better than some paid tools out there. Pretty good tool for KW Research and Backlink Analysis.
  • Google Trends – After researching keyword by Ubersuggest, make sure you search it on Google Trends to check
  • Keyword Shitter – Generate thousands of keywords from a single seed keyword in just a single click.
  • Keywords Everywhere – A Browser extension that can show you the search volumes and Adwords CPC everytime you put any search phrases on Google box.

Competitor Analysis:

  • SEOQuake (Chrome Extension) – It gets better if you integrate SEMrush with this tool. Shows you website’s Domain Score, Trust Score, Referring Domains (links), Indexed Pages (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and other important SEO metrics.

Keywords For Featured Snippet

  • AnswerThePublic – Best questions based keywords generator. Mainly scrape keywords from Google Auto suggest and this is the only reason I actively use this tool.

Article Title Idea:

  • Portent Title – Doesn’t generate that much good title always. But you can generate pretty much unique title everytime from a single seed keyword.

Content Mapping For Blog:

Content Quality (readability):

  • Webfx – Gives you accurate content readability score based on a couple of other readability metrics provided by other tools out there.

Content Grammar & Duplicity

  • Grammarly (Chrome Extension) – I use the pro version of Grammarly but the free extension pretty much does everything you need it to do. From grammar checking to fix punctuation to fine-tuning your words choosing, you can use Grammarly free everywhere. Their desktop tool is awesome too!
  • Copyscape – I extensively use Copyscape to check whether my contents have been copied by my writers from somewhere or not.

Website Speed:

  • Pingdom – Offer pretty accurate speed metrics along with some actionable suggestions those are easy to apply on the site.
  • Gtmetrix – Similar tool like Pingdom but offer even more suggestions for free.
  • ShortPixel – ShortPixel is an awesome tool to automatically resize and compress your website images without losing your image quality at all. I just tick on the Glossy parameter inside their settings and this tool does the rest.

Website UI&UX Checker:

  • Google Lighthouse (Chrome Extension) – You will never know how much valuable suggestion this free Google Tool can give you in a single click. I am just loving this free chrome extension every day.
  • UXCheck (Chrome Extension) – Don’t use that much but pretty handy and fast.

Website SEO Audit:

  • ScreamingFrog – My go-to website SEO audit tool along with SEO-Auditor from LinkAsssistant. Little bit technical but once when you will get used to it; this might be your ultimate technical SEO audit tool for sure.

Backlink Checker:

  • Backlink Shitter – Gives you a lot of backlinks data that most of the premium tools will cost you heck loads of money. An awesome tool I accidentally found some days ago.
  • Ubersuggest – Neil Patel made this tool as awesome as it should be. He knows what the SEO guys need and totally re-designed this tool with lots of awesome features for completely free. Don’t know whether he will continuously provide this tool’s service for free and for how long, but this redesigned Ubersuggest is surely a gem of software for SEOs.

Keyword Position Tracker:

  • GeoRanker – Provide you ranking data for a specific location as well. And location specific ranking is exactly the reason for what I love this tool so much.
  • SerpRobot (I was using this tool a lot couple of years ago) – I love this tool and you will get 100s of keywords ranking data for free and you can set this tools once and it will automatically track those keywords for free unless you stop it.
  • SearchEngineGenie – Don’t use that much but pretty handy for the beginners SEO who are just starting out and don’t have that much budget on their hand to invest on keyword trackers.

hreflang Tool:

  • hreflang Tag Generator – An awesome tool to generate multi-lingual tags (for the same website who targets the audience in a different language).

Google Algo Hit Checker:

Thats it.

Do you have any other tool that you use for Free but I missed to mention those in this article?

Please let me know so that I can include them in this list and share them with thousands of readers from all over the world.

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