Hello, brave musician, I am ready to bet that if you have been on the Internet any time over the past two years, you must be heard about Soundcloud. SoundCloud is a reliable place who want to build their career in music. It is the company who promises to “move audio”, the service sounds like a profitable bet for any budding musician.

For audiophiles, SoundCloud has become one of the best places to audio tracks that they will not easily find anywhere else. Maybe one day you can be as popular as the 6 God, but you have to start your work along with some strategy. And if you are not a popular musician, getting people to listen to your tracks on SoundCloud can be a challenge. That’s why we have decided to share the best strategy to get FREE SoundCloud plays.

Create a new Profile Picture for each album

You know, a picture is worth 1000 plays! Your profile picture is a very important part of the information which is presented to everyone who finds you on SoundCloud. An ideally sized profile picture will be 300 x 300 pixels. By the way, SoundCloud will scale it down to 200 x 200. So you need to give a right size to your profile picture so it fits this without being stretched.  For easy recognition, consider emphasizing your profile name in the artwork.

Upgrade to a Pro or Unlimited plan

Upgrade your account to a Pro or Unlimited plan so that you can add a header image. The header image is blooming at the top of your page. Remember your avatar appears on followers’ Streams as a smaller version. So make it simple and eye catching.

Change URL/Username to ‘look official’

If people look at your username or URL and think you’re someone else, you’re not looking right at all if you won’t edit your page url. That’s why you need to create a classy and clean username and URL. And you can change them from the settings page, but you should plan to get them right from the beginning. And don’t forget to match your username from Facebook, Twitter or other social networks so that things look like they lining up.

Add links in Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab is not too hard. There you will find some option where you can add your other social media page so that you can easily connect with your fans. And you may get some new plays from those social network. The most important ones to add here are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Google+


Use the right tags when you upload

You need to use some popular tags related your audio. These basics can be safe. Venturing outside of them could lead you to spam account! So, you need to be careful and only follow this four:

  • The actual genre of the specific song being uploaded.
  • Any guest stars or featured artists.
  • Your producer.
  • Your record label.

Comment On Related SoundCloud Tracks

If you are an ambitious alternative artist, work to find and connect with other artists within your niche. The simple and great way to do this is to comment on these artists’ SoundCloud tracks. Leave real comments on others people tracks and you need to be relevant and find a post with the big fan base then share your comment.

Well, that should be enough to get you started in the right direction. And remember it’s called music “business” for some reason. SoundCloud is a tool. You have to use it right way to make it work. With all of these at your disposal, more people will be listening to your SoundCloud tracks, guaranteed. Follow our strategy to get free SoundCloud plays and make it work for you wherever you’re sharing.

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