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You write a blog post, wait for days, but your well-written blog post remains drought-stricken; aching for an audience.

Perhaps this is the perfect time to ask yourself: what went wrong?

You enjoy running a blog knowing that people are reading, sharing your work. If you are managing your business through your blog, then you may want people to browse, and buy products through your blog. Then, increasing subscribers, visitors become an important task.

The number of shares your blog post could receive determines how much exposure it garnered.

If your blog posts are shared massively on social media sites, it will spread like wild fire. I have managed a couple of blog sites, and run a personal blogging site successfully.

Throughout the years, I gained experience, and observed some simple hacks that you implement to give your subscriber list a boost.

Let’s explore them.

Integrate Social Media on Your Blog Site

Social media platforms, and your blog site can cooperate to build, and promote your online brand. If you have not thought of integration with social media, it is high time to do so.

Many bloggers find it extremely interesting that when they update Facebook with a link directed to a blog article, friends, family, and fans tend to leave comments on the Facebook update rather than the blog.

If you have experienced such trend, leverage its power. You need to replace your existing blog comment system with Facebook comments.

There is comments plugin developed by Facebook to allow people to comment on content on your site using their Facebook account.

People can choose to share their comment activity on Facebook as well, as a result their Facebook friends, and friends of their friends can get familiar with your blog.

Twitter also has some features dedicated to leverage the power of integration. WordPress plugin for such integration is called ‘Twitter Mentions As Comments’.

The plugin ‘ransacks Twitter for the people talking about your site, and infuse their tweets alongside your existing comments.

These types of plugins display that people are mentioning your blog if they are not actively doing it on your blog. Thus, your blog posts stand a chance to gain more exposure and sharing.

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Pay More Attention to Headlines

You must think like the average reader. If the reader does not give value to a headline, chances are they will not read or share the article. Remember a concise headline will illuminate your article. Since your headlines will be visible with others’, frame a headline that is easy on the eye, offers solution to visitors’ issue. When writing a headline, consider including the words as follows

  • Numbers (1, 10, 15)
  • Strong adjectives (incredible, awesome, simple, fun, free)
  • Instructional (when, how, why, what)

For instance: 10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Marketing Efforts, Top 10 Techniques to Take Your Photography Skill to the Next Level. 15 Photoshop Tricks that You May Not Have Heard.

When forming your headline, make sure it is concise, clear, focused, and problem-solving. Infuse the quality to your headline you want to convey with your article. Deliver the headline in a very intriguing way, remember a headline will create a visitor’s first impression.

Provide Practical Utility through Your Content

More does not come handy all the time, nor is it better.

Content strategy does not have to be complicated. Good content has to solve problems for your audience. Your content needs to serve a purpose in their life. Understanding the psychology of sharing helps your ground your content strategy.

Start by asking the questions who the audience is your content directed at?

Who are they?

And, why should your content be important to them?

You content should provide a simple yet solid solution. If your content is the answer to your visitor’s problem, then he/she will most likely to share it to achieve their authority status in the eyes of their audience. They may not be the authors, but they are the ones who found it, and supplied it.

Include Share Buttons

If you run a web-shop, or sell a product through your eCommerce site/blog, and you have not attached shared buttons to your product pages, you are missing out on attracting potential customers.

Put yourself in the reader’s place.

You found an article that is effective, and insightful that you think would be useful to your Facebook friends.

What would you do?

You may feel compelled to share it?

What if there is no such button?

Would you go to the extra length, copy the link, and paste it into your status bar?

Probably not.

So, make sure you make it as simple as possible for your visitors to share your content with others. Also, consider adding Shareaholic’s image-sharing WordPress plugin for ease of image sharing. or a Pinterest Pin Plugin for better image sharing experiences on Pinterest. Images speak louder.

Bottom Line – when you make your content easy to share, your customers will more than happy to refer your site to others, bookmarks them on social sites like tumblr, stumbleupon or reddit along with massive shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+. Make sure you follow these tips, and apply them to your next blog post. With a few plugins, effective strategy, sharable images, and problem-solving agenda, people will be sharing your content massively.

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