Email marketing is one of the oldest, and applied methods of digital communication. However, its strength comes from getting your message across to your customers and engage them. As I dive deep into the world of search marketing, having an email marketing background helped me execute my campaign well.

Email marketing and SEO work in unison. However, successful marketing campaign requires establishing uninterrupted, strong communication with clients. Pitching your products/services to the customers, and encouraging them for purchase are time-consuming, and strenuous tasks. Well, the good news is there is a piece of software on the market called ‘GetResponse’ that is ready to amplify your marketing effort, and I am ready to review it.

Email marketing is a simple and proven method to promote your business. With email marketing taking the lead for ROI ($44 for every $1 spent), it has paved the way for digital communication. In order to reach, engage, retain customers, or attract potential customers; demand for creating attractive, useful content is ever-increasing, so are the tools devised to do such tasks.

However, not all tools can deliver professional-looking, enticing emails. GetResponse is such software whose services providing one-stop solution for email marketing are unparalleled.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a piece of software designed to make email marketing process easier for beginners. GetResponse offers the world’s easiest email marketing. Having been launched in 1999 by Simon Grabowski, GetResponse established itself as a pioneer in email marketing. GetResponse improves your marketing efficiency, marketing reach, and promotion; reduces cost and overall increases your brand strength.

How will GetResponse benefit me? 

Being an award-winning, popular email marketing tool, GetResponse manages your newsletters, promotional campaigns, invitation emails, etc. to keep your clients updated with your brand. GetResponse’s intuitive email delivering makes your customers more engaged, and keeps them interested in what you have to say. GetResponse is the bridge that builds an effective relationship between you and your customers.

GetResponse Features

So, now you know what GetResponse is, and how it will benefit you? Good, it’s time to look at some of the features that make GetResponse unique and unparalleled.

  • Usability – GetResponse is extremely user-friendly, and easy-to-use. From building contact lists to creating, filtering, sending out mails; with GetResponse, a beginner can be a pro in no time! If you want to be a successful email marketer, then GetResponse got you covered on all the aspects. You do not need to install GetResponse on your computer. You just need an Internet connection to access its resources online.  GetResponse uses the Software as a Service model for online access. I really admire how effective, and untwisted the dashboard is! The dashboard has everything functional you need to get yourself started, and the dashboard is so simple to navigate that you can customize Contacts, Create Web Form, and Create Newsletter in a breeze. The dashboard is customized in a way that both newbies and experienced email marketers can have their needs fulfilled. Let’s a have a brief look at some of the features the dashboard contains –
  • Add Contacts – this is the tool you can tuse to search, add, import, and manage your Contacts easily. Adding, and managing custom fields are also possible with this tool. You can also add contacts from your Google/Yahoo/Facebook/SalesForce account. Also, adding contacts can be done in several ways. You can add your contacts to the software one by one, or you can import them using other file formats such as XLS, CSV, TXT, etc. 
  • Create Webform – this tool allows you to create, and manage forms, then you can display them on your site. You can increase the number of subscribers with this tool. You can create a customized web form, so that your customers can use your website to add in their email addresses themselves.
  • Send Newsletter – you do not need to be a tech nerd, that is what this tool is designed for. You can create, and send newsletters with just one click on this section.
  • Check Statistics – you can sneak a peak at the number of subscribers you have, and some basic stats of your most recent campaign.
  • Email Creator – I found extreme ease when creating emails with GetResponse. GetResponse alleviated painstaking email creating activity to an utmost degree. Well, you do not need prior coding experience to create emails with GetResponse since it offers an intuitive email creator tool. Even if you do have, you can use an HTML source editor to create emails. Yes, obviously the source editor offers users more advanced options to design emails, while email creator is for the beginners to create glamorous, professional-looking emails as quickly as possible. There are a plethora of attractive templates to choose from; a beginner/pro can edit all of them for unlimited design solutions. Email Creator reserves more than 500 pre-designed templates, which are categorized based on different sectors a user can be involved with, and the type of email being delivered. You can also create your own custom templates by picking out a layout.
  • Drag and Drop – emails can be managed using a drag and drop feature, and scheduled for delivery using GetResponse’s Time Travel settings. Theses features ensure each recipient receives their mail at the same local time across the world.

Instruction for Email Creator

  • In Email Creator, select the Create button on the navigation icons. The bar at the top gives has options, so you can change the message or template colors. You can also add borders and top/bottom spacing.
  • Autoresponders – autoresponder tool allows you to create messages that can be sent automatically to your customers at intervals that you define. This tool allows you to establish a more robust communication with your customers. GetResponse’s autoresponder feature has excellent functionality. You can automatically send newsletters to your customers based on pre-defined intervals. Your customers can receive a mail as soon as they sign up to your service. Autoresponder can announce a discount code, and send emails one week/month later.

Setting Up GetResponse Autoresponder 

  • Select Messages > Create Autoresponder
  • Set the goals as your wish – (I set the settings below for welcome mail)
  • Time based – 0 day
  • Send message – Immediately
  • Days – every day
  • Autoresponder name – select a name for reference; say Welcome
  • Select Create New Email; for tracking, turn Google Analytics on
  • Choose your template > edit it
  • Click the Next Step
  • Publish the autoresponder          
  • Creating Webinars – this is a new feature of GetResponse, and what many other email marketing services are yet to offer. Webinars help you elevate your email list, and allow you to increase your conversion rates when recommending a product or service. Infusing Webinars with your email marketing application will give you a boost, since Webinars are a lead generation tool.

Creating Webinars

  • Go to Webinars > Create Webinar
  • Choose reminder template for message distribution
  • Landing Page Creator – you can develop landing pages for your product, services, or promotional offers. Landing pages are web pages that are designed to capture data. A landing page may contain a form, some enticing images, and text to highlight the perks of submitting email addresses. Landing pages will give you an upper hand if you are involved with online ad campaigns. GetResponse offers plenty of landing page templates; from sales pages to video and Webinar pages. You choose your landing page from 200+ pre-designed landing pages GetResponse has a drag and drop method for this procedure that you can use to customize everything from font color to images.

Steps for creating a landing page

  • Go to the ‘Landing Pages’ tab
  • Select ‘Create’
  • Select a template
  • Customize your page
  • Publish
  • Split Testing – A/B testing or split testing is a must-have tool for newsletter evaluation. Split tests allow you evaluate different versions of your emails, and deliver the best performing. GetResponse has up to 5 variants of split testing.

How to create a GetResponse A/B Split Test

  • When creating a newsletter, turn on click-through, A/B test
  • Write your email on HTML format
  • Select which split test you want to perform; you may choose subject lines.
  • Choose your subscribers list
  • You may turn ‘Send best message automatically’ on
  • Advanced Segmentation – when it comes to email marketing, randomly delivering the same solutions taint your brand name. You need to tailor email projects to target a certain audience, interest or preference. Segmenting your contacts into similar groups, and sending them relevant emails make your business look human, and increase your chance to produce a response. GetResponse has an advanced segmentation tool that allows you divide contacts into their subgroups, and deliver group-based mails. As a result, you can make your customers feel special.
  • Spam Checker – GetResponse is armed with an effective content filtering tool called ‘SpamAssassin to create spam-free mails. GetResponse prioritizes your mails being sent to your customers’ inboxes, and not their spam folders. SpamAssassin will scan your content for spam odds, and assign a spam ranking to it from 0-5, so that you can review your content, and improve it.
  • Responsive Design – GetResponse’s each template is designed for being responsive, which automatically converts mails to no matter what the platform a customer is using; be it a phone, tablet or a desktop. Many people are likely to visit, and check inboxes through their phones, and tablets, that is why responsive designs, and landing pages keep your content mobile-optimized. GetResponse has a mobile preview built-in on its email creator tool, so that you can see exactly how the mail would look on portable devices.
  • Email Analytics – you may want to look at how your campaign is doing, and evaluate gits progress. GetResponse’s email analytic tools allow you to review each campaign’s statistics, and base your future planning on them. In addition to getting data on how many people opened your mails, how many deleted them, and how many clicked through; GetResponse shows the days and the times of the week people are looking at your mails. Since you can review your campaign, and evaluate its success; you can also compare campaigns. Your campaign’s status on social media, which email client read your mails most — you can receive detailed info about them with GetResponse’s email analytics.
  • GetResponse Pricing – GetResponse offers three tiers of plans – ‘Email’, ‘Pro’, and ‘Max’. Each tier consists of 7 different plans. So, there are 21 plans to choose from. GetResponse pricing plans are based on the number of contacts that emails are being delivered to. What is admirable about GetResponse’s pricing structure is that they do not limit the number of emails you could send each month. With each plan, you can send an unlimited number of plans, and enjoy additional features, and tools the software has to offer. GetResponse’s current pricing plans are described below

You have the option of making monthly-based payments. However, you can sign up for an entire with GetResponse in advance, and enjoy 18% discount on each plan. You need contact GetResponse directly if you have a non-profit organization, or a list larger than 100,000 subscribers. GetResponse offers quotations, and separate plans for these conditions.

Review Summary

Product Name : GetResponse

Product Type : email marketing software

Customer Support : 24/7 support. GetResponse replies to its clients via email, live chat, and phone calls. GetResponse offers its clients a learning center for the queries, and further assistance.

What I Like

  • Offers more comprehensive split testing than any other service; 5 variants of newsletter services
  • You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, and get started
  • Higher email opening rate; 99.99% deliverability rate
  • Inbox preview, RSS to email, responsive designs
  • Mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Built-in landing page creator
  • Send time optimization

What I Don’t Like

  • User interface; it needs to be upgraded, and minimal
  • Drag-and-drop interface is complicated

The Wrap Up – no other email marketing service has as many tools, and features as GetResponse does. You do not have to be a tech savvy to use GetResponse — from building an email jlist to creating stunning landing pages, GetResponse will keep you one step ahead. GetResponse is definitely one of the best email marketing tools for digital marketers. And, I am happy to recommend GetResponse.

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