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Do you know Google+ is now the second-largest network and has more than one billion registered and approximately 359 million active users? As an additional, Google Plus can help you increase search rankings for your website which, in itself, is an enough reason to improve your position on this platform. But starting a brand new account from scratch is kind of a pain. And without a great number of followers, all the time and effort you put into your presence is ultimately a waste.

In this article, I am going to explain both how you can boost your number of followers and increase your engagement on Google Plus for your business page.

1. Complete your Google+ profile

Your profile needs to look amazing. Select the “Edit profile” to add all relevant details to your profile. Your account must stand out to users who are in your niche. And it is important to furnishing all the details like education, address, employers, adding a profile picture, etc.

2. Connect G+ profile with other social networks

Connect your Google Plus page with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media site to make your profile look more genuine and this will help you to gain more G+ followers in the long run.

3. Follow other people

You know social media has a follow back culture. If you want to attract more followers, you must follow others. It’s the name of the social media game. Search for people who share the same or similar interests and related your niche then follow them. Some of them will definitely follow you back.

4. Help other people

Spend a few minutes on your profile every day to help other people. If you are, for example, a blogger, look for people who have posted questions blogging tips and tricks or are looking for information on that topic. Help them with useful information on that topic, so that they will want to follow you back.

5. Invite people to follow you

It’s a great way to achieve a good number of followers by including your Google plus profile link to your Author Bio, to your email signature and invite all friends, family, and colleague to follow you on Google plus.

6. Add a Google Plus badge

Add a Google Plus badge will allow people to easily find you on Google+ and add you to a circle directly from your website. You can add G+ follow button by checking out on the widgets in your Dashboard.

7. Join Google plus communities

When you join a community, you are part of a larger number of people who are involved on a particular topic. It’s an amazing way to share your posts, views, ideas and opinions with like-minded people by joining Google plus communities with similar or same interests as yours. You can even create your own community and invite people to join it.

8. Post on Google plus every day

Post regularly, you know the more active you are, the more often you’ll appear in feeds. Include some text, photos, a link, a video, or more on your post. But don’t overdo it. The top blogger suggests people post 5-10 posts per week.

9. Interact with what’s hot

Use the explore feature to check out what’s hot in your niche. Like Twitter’s trending topics, you can find out exactly what’s hot on Google Plus using “what’s Hot” tab. And you can share or comment on those popular posts.

10. Follow back your followers

It feels great to see that you have 1000 followers and you only follow 10 people. But it may affect other users and they will not follow you. So, regularly look through your new followers and follow back the ones who spark your interest.

11. Explore hashtags, and use them

From the “What’s Hot” tab, you can explore hashtagged posts. Write any keyword related to your interest and also explore what other topics are relevant. Use this list to develop your own use of hashtags.

12. Add interesting and unique content

If you want a lot of followers on your account then you have to provide people a reason to follow you. Even if you only have a lot of followers, posting engaging and informative content is a must.

13. -Add large, eye-catching images

Select large, noticeable pictures to include with your posts. The optimal size for your post images is 497 x 373 pixels. And remember you need to follow it every time while you share a content.

14. Include a link to your Google Plus profile everywhere

Make sure you are including your G+ page URL on your website, Facebook and Twitter profile, LinkedIn and Reddit even everywhere. Get your account noticed everywhere in order to maximize the importance of your profile.

15. Ask your followers to +1 your Post

There’s a lot of statistics shows that if you ask for likes, retweets, or +1s, from your social media followers to share your posts actually works. So, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

16. Make sure your posts are set to public

If you want to share your posts to reach a big number of audience, make sure you share them publicly for easier sharing. You just need to make sure you are sharing post with everyone.

17. Pick the best time to post

I think you know the time you choose to share your post has a great influence on how many people you’ll reach. I suggest you to use an app named Timing+ to check out what the best time is for you.

18. Mention influential people in your post

Find out some extremely influential person in my industry and Tag influential people when you post an update. But remember you don’t want to annoy people or spam them.

19. Pin your best post to the top of your profile

You should add some quality post to the top of your profile. When people view your profile, you want them to see your highest-quality content. This is a great way to convince them that you’re worth following!

20. Be magnificent with your likes and comments

We are not telling you being disingenuous and liking everything that comes across your feed. But it is true that the more you engage with other user’s post, the more they get to know and appreciate you.

These are great and simple tips and tricks to attract more followers on Google plus and which help you to make your brand name without wasting a lot of money. These tips will certainly support you to get more Google+ Page Followers. If you have any more tips please do share them with our readers by writing to us via the Comments section.

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