Facebook has evolved from a social media site to an excellent marketing platform. And, it is rapidly changing into a system that gives businesses with quality consumer services an opportunity to thrive.

“Having our own personal Facebook Marketing Expert catapulted our marketing plan to the next level. We have seen a 62% increase in traffic to our website and a 40% growth in revenue since we began.” – Denise Duncan, GM Marketing Manager, Lighting Etc.

In a fast-evolving e-commerce climate, posting some product photos online, and waiting for a turnaround is not enough.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide doing the same thing. They are creating fb pages and start hoping for sales and money.

But marketing is not that much easy. Sales are yet harder than you think. You must have to use the persona, professionalism, right copy and distinguished offer and appeal to attract customers to your product or services and selling stuff to them.

Most importantly, a lot goes into the mix to keep a business thriving. Payment, stock, marketing analysis, customer relationship, retaining the old customers while attracting new customers at the same time; many things to keep an eye on.

Marketing efforts need fresh ideas, effective planning, strategy. To survive this challenging climate, and go ahead in right and new directions, a marketing consultant may bring significant input to your business.

Before diving deep into the Facebook marketing; let’s ask you a question – “Why would you need a Facebook Marketing Expert?”.

Well, Facebook is probably the biggest platform where all of your customers engage, spend their time and seek information they need.

But, how big it is?

Facebook stated in the first of 2017 that, there are 1.82 billions of users using Facebook actively now. And the like and facebook share buttons are viewed and clicked on 10+ millions of different websites every day.

So, if you are not the expert, you will definitely not grab a minimum of the buying traffics from the Facebook’s platform as there are so many demographics, so many interests, people and targeting involved.


In this article, I tried to discourse at how a Facebook marketing consultant may prove effective in your Facebook business. I also compiled the reasons why you should think hiring one.

facebook marketing expert

  1. You need to hire a facebook marketing expert because commencing new marketing campaigns or revamping old ones could bring a spike in your Facebook page traffic.
  2.  A marketing consultant has experience in creating and employing a variety of marketing campaigns and strategies to reach a target Facebook audience.
  3. He/she detects the appropriate marketing technique to generate product/service awareness, and interest.
  4. An appropriate social media plan and its implementation ensure sustainable growth; a marketing expert should be tasked with delivering such strategy.
  5. A good Facebook marketing consultant will help you make sure productivity in every aspect, and build a firm foundation.
  6. Measuring the worth of a marketing plan on revenue and profits with various factors will decide where your business will be in the coming years. A marketing consultant will pinpoint such data.
  7. Do not just be pleased with increased traffic. You need measures to convert viewing into buying. A good marketing expert will motivate the probability of conversion.
  8. How to turn loyal customers into advocates and referrals? A marketing expert may frame the strategy to run loyalty program’s reward structure.
  9. A marketing consultant assesses risks factors involved in various marketing scenarios. He/she should be revising strategy considering the risks, and present new plans to directors to choose from.
  10. Your tracked metrics (Key Performance Indicators, email subscribers, engagement rate) shift and you may need to evaluate the parameters. A marketing expert will help you pinpoint new metrics.
  11.  He/she will emphasize building a firm foundation before implementing the strategy.
  12. A marketing consultant will observe outcomes, measure marketing effectiveness, and come to a conclusion from metrics affecting sales.
  13. Taking time to track, analyze your Facebook Page Insights, and reporting on your page’s overall performance is one of the tasks to be performed by a Facebook, marketing consultant.
  14. A Facebook marketing expert will instruct the directors to prepare content that is more appealing to the majority of the demographic who follows your page.
  15. He/she will determine what type content the target population likes, and prepares strategy based on them.
  16. If a particular group has low engagement rate, a marketing consultant should devise techniques to engage them on your page.
  17. A marketing expert will pinpoint the best timing to update the page’s status, and post content so that it increases engagement potential.
  18. Visual marketing gives you the upper hand in attracting more potential customers. To interest new customers, you need engaging content, enticing infographics. A marketing consultant will help you incorporate more photos to upload on Facebook.
  19. To stay relevant in the race, content must be edited/updated constantly; a marketing expert has editing experience.
  20. Finally, a Facebook marketing consultant will track competitors, analyze their techniques to see if they are gaining more customers. If they do, he/she will, then, adopt their techniques, and try to do it better.

Consultants do not have the magic wand to make your business boom suddenly. It takes a total teamwork to work toward a vision; complete, calculated planning, and latest method to thrive on Facebook.

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