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 If businesses want to grow, they cannot ignore the importance of having an official website. A website updates your customers, generates brand awareness, and helps you convert leads into sales. However, website building process requires that your website be hosted on the web after registering your domain name.

Picking out a reliable web hosting service is an important part of the website building process. A reliable web hosting company offers little or no down time, always is on their toes to keep your website live and accessible to your visitors/customers. However, there are not many reliable web hosting companies out there. Thankfully, there are HostGator.

HostGator is such a choice that can help even the smallest of small businesses get started (starting at $7.96 per month) while offering excellent, reliable services. I have been a HostGator customer for almost a year now. I made a couple of switches for hosting companies, finally settled with HostGator. Throughout the period, I found lots of HostGator features that I admire, and also a few things I did not like. I jotted them down, and created a HostGator review.

What You Can Learn From This Review

  • HostGator services for different types of hosting
  • HostGator hosting plans
  • Which hosting plan will suit you most
  • Features of HostGator
  • Customer support of HostGator
  • HostGator site creation tools
  • HostGator eCommerce tools
  • Pros and cons of HostGator

What is HostGator?

HostGator is a web hosting service provider. Founded in 2002, HostGator is committed to providing reliable services to its customers. HostGator offers standard dedicated, Virtual Private Server (VPS) server packages, however its affordable shared plans made the company more popular, and prominent.

How can HostGator benefit me?

Feature-packed HostGator offers numerous plans suitable for small and mid-level businesses. Because of HostGator’s wallet-friendly prices boast affordability. As soon as you enter into a contract with HostGator, HostGator emails your with all the instructions required to get your website up and running in less than 30 minutes. HostGator is user-friendly, and offers servers for both Linux and Windows servers. Compared to other hosting service providers like BlueHost, HostGator is way ahead on this aspect.

HostGator Hosting Services & Plans

It is a daunting process to kick-start your website, and takes strenuous effort to maintain its hosting. With HostGator, the hefty process gets cut down a lot. Because has multiple tiers of plans, and a wide range of tools that a beginner without coding experience can appreciate. HostGator offers excellent uptime, affordable plans and services for businesses that recently emerged or experienced administrators who are looking for one-stop solution for hosting. Anyways, let’s take a look at HostGator’s pricing, and plans.

  • Shared Hosting – shared hosting is the most common form of web hosting as it is chosen as a plan by many newbies, and people looking for an inexpensive, and basic package. In this hosting environment, a single server can host more than 3000 users’ websites. Because of its affordability, shared hosting is mostly chosen by beginners, and small business owners.

HostGator’s Shared Hosting Plans & Cost

HostGator values newbies’ emergence, and small businesses’ limitation, that is why HostGator has a wide range of plans designed to cater to both groups. HostGator has a system for month-to-month shared hosting plans, but pushes hard for longer-term commitments. HostGator offers three types of shared hosting plans, and two of them are connected closely to HostGator’s etymology. The three plans are named as Hatchling, Baby, and Business. All these three plans offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases. However, the Hatchling Plan is restricted to hosting a single domain, while the other two can host unlimited domains. This can be proven vital for those looking to host numerous sites, especially domainers, and bloggers.

Also, bloggers using WordPress, or other CMS packages will value the unlimited MySQL databases, and comprehensive support for PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, ASP, and both regular and fast CGI alternative. With the latest version of cPanel, Fantastico; all three HostGator’s shared hosting plans will appeal to WordPress and other CMS users. Let’s explore the pricing structure for all three plans.

  • Hatchling Plan – the Hatchling Plan will cost you $8.76/month, and a year-long contract will cost you $7.16/month. For 2-year-, and 3-year-long contract have price tags of $6.36 and $5.56 for per month.
  • Baby Plan – Baby Plan has a monthly price tag of $9.56, almost a dollar more than the Hatchling Plan’s. Since the pack allows unlimited domains, and unlimited parked domains what the Hatchling Plan lacks. Baby Plan will cost you $9.56 per month for a year-long contract, and for 2-year-, and 3-year-long contract will cost you $8.76, $7.96 per month.
  • Business Plan – the most exclusive, and most feature-packed shared hosting pack is the Business Plan. This plan will charge you $13.56 per month. And, the plan includes highly-specialized options such as your own free toll-free phone number, and a free private SSL certificate.
  • VPS Hosting – this type of hosting divides a single server into several virtual servers. So, each website on that particular server can be hosted on a single virtual server. If you want your website to offer more power to your visitors, and prep your website for high traffic volumes, you should consider a VPS pack. If you are on a budget to pay for a dedicated hosting pack, but want to experience its some features, then VPS is what you should consider.

HostGator’s VPS Plans & Cost

HostGator has Linux-powered VPS hosting services start at $11.97 per month. That is the first term cost, if you want to commit to a recurring plan, then the cost jumps to $19.95 per month, and the cost remains the same for 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year contract. This is the most basic VPS plan offered by HostGator, and termed “500”. This VPS plan is powered by 512MB RAM, 25GB disk space, and 500GB of monthly data transfers. While the most advanced VPS plan, “8000”, is powered by a quad core CPU, 8GB of RAM, 240GB disk space, and 3TB Bandwidth. The plan will cost you $159.95 per month.   

  • Dedicated Hosting – dedicated hosting involves renting an entire server designed to host only a single client. With a server dedicated to host your website, you can enjoy complete, maximum control over the web server. You may also enjoy fully customizing your server. That includes choosing the type of memory, and changing hardware elements as per your wish.

HostGator’s Dedicated Hosting Plans & Cost

HostGator’s VPS solutions might please many, however dedicated hosting plans are designed only for those with serious hosting demand. HostGator’s dedicated server packs start at $174 per month, and these packages come with extraordinary features. All of HostGator’s dedicated servers depend on Intel’s last-generation Xeon Technology. Xeon CPUs are amazingly fast. Starting at 1,500GB of monthly bandwidth, and topping out at 2,500GB of monthly bandwidth. And, on the subject of cost, HostGator’s dedicated web hosting plans start at $174 per month for the Basic Plan, and maxing out at $374 for the Pro Plan. You can enjoy up to 1 gbps uplink, 16GB of RAM, and 5 dedicated IPs.

  • WordPress Hosting – WordPress is the most prominent, and commonly used CMS. WordPress allows you to create blogging and attractive websites in a breeze. WordPress’s strength lies within its amazing functionality. Thousands of WordPress websites are being launched every day.

HostGator’s WordPress Plans and Cost – you can install WordPress CMS on to any of its servers. However, WordPress offers three tiers of managed WordPress hosting services: Starter, Standard, and Business. All plans come with page caching, and a favorable WordPress hosting status. The Starter Plan offers 25,000 visits per month, 50GB of disk space, and unlimited email. The Plan starts at $14.95 per month. The Standard Plan will cost you $20.95 per month, and host up to 2 WordPress websites. The Business Plan, however, offers 200,000 visits, and grants 5 WordPress websites at the cost of 31.95 per month.

Site Creation Tools

You can kick-start website building with ease as HostGator delivers a getting-started email to you; containing all the resources and guide you need to build one. If you are looking the login box to complete the billing process, then it is at the top of HostGator site. Once logged in, you can access all your payment history, details about your plan, and options to purchase add-ons. The hosting tab is what will lead you to the actual control panel, and you can see site-building tools, applications, website statistics, and many more.

HostGator has Weebly for building a website. Weebly is an intuitive tool that has drag-drop-functionality. You can use Weebly to get an attractive website up and running in no time. Who does not like a website complete with interactive slideshows, contact forms, social media links, etc.? Yes, your website will contain, and you wouldn’t have to learn a single line of code. It is as simple as that when you have Weebly. There are also several CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla that you can install through HostGator.

Ready eCommerce Tools

If you have a piece of software called Mojo Marketplace, then you can enjoy email marketing tools like DaDa Mail. You can create and send enticing newsletters easily to your psubscribers with Mojo Marketplace. HostGator offers such software. HostGator’s Quick Links is packed with various eCommerce packages such as Magneto, PHPCOIN, ZenCart, etc. Whereas Magneto has a drag-and-drop interface to create an appealing webshop.

Customer Support

HostGator offers award-winning 24/7 customer support via phone calls, live chat, and email. HostGator’s skilled reps who speak English fluently, and try to offer passionate service. I wanted to test the support team’s efficiency, and called them up for WordPress import. I wanted to import WordPress files into my HostGator site. The rep instructed me in detail, and I was satisfied with the response. Even if you want to get in touch with the team via live chat, you may have to wait a minute or less to chat with the rep.

Review Summary

Service Name : HostGator

Service Type : web hosting

What I Like

  • Offers more bang for the buck
  • Excellent uptime; guarantees 99.9% uptime
  • Weebly site building tool
  • cPanel functionality
  • Excellent customer support

What I Don’t Like

  • No Windows-based VPS Hosting plan
  • Expensive domain service

The Wrap Up -HostGator is a reliable web hosting service. If you are looking for an affordable, open hosting company for your website, you may consider HostGator service. HostGator is easy-to-use, and offers plans for all sizes of businesses, and customers. 

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