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Welcome friends, today our topic is about how to Get More Followers on Tumblr following some step by step process. You know Tumblr is a very popular website for anyone along with millions of users. And this is the perfect place who wants to create a free blog that with low pressure. You know when you will start, it can be pretty difficult for anyone to gain followers and learn how to use it if he/she don’t know the right process. Actually, I was facing the same problem! I thought I would get followers instantly by the next week but nothing I did was working. I kept asking myself, “Why isn’t anyone liking my posts?”

Now I know the trick, how to get people to find and like my blog. The more experience you will have with it, the easier it will be for you to know what works for your niche. I want to share my tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to help you get more followers on your Tumbler. Here’s a quick summary of my favorite ways for getting more followers on Tumblr.

Post great content

Tumblr is a blogging miracle. It’s easy and it is fun. To get quick response firstly you need to post quality content people actually want to see. Tumblr is all about the visual aesthetic, so use it and get popular. Post videos, images, gifs, and written content that’s exclusive to your Tumblr. And it is important that you post quality and interesting content if you want to have a successful blog. By the way, you also need to post your content at the best time. Because a successful Tumblr post is 60% content and 40% timing!

Tag your posts

Are you making it easy for visitors to find your posts? Before you press that publish button, you need to make sure you have used some popular tag on your post. You know, tags make it easier for readers to find posts about a specific topic or niche on your blog. This feature is a must for a new blogger on Tumblr, who have not yet reached recognition by a large audience. This tricks may lead to a Tumblr post going viral, but don’t forget that constantly adding out good and quality content will bring you more followers than a single viral post.

Always Be Respectful To Your Followers

Treat others as you would like to be treated! This helps to make a strong relationship between you and your new followers rather than insinuating that you are not interested in their posts. It’s really important to be nice to the people who take the time out of their day to read your blog! And you need to follow them back because they have an interest what you share on your blog. And you also need to follow people to boost your follower and brand. You know people have a follow back culture. Try searching for a hashtag related to a topic you are interested in, and follow people posting content you like.

Use GIFs

I think there are no people who don’t love gifts! GIFs are moving the picture and a GIF can take place of words. If you want to get more followers on your blog then use a GIF. If you’re happy, use a GIF. If it’s funny, use a GIF. I know you have noticed a plenty of them everywhere and they’re always a great way to get followers because people love to repost a good GIF post.

Comment on Other Tumblr Posts

When you comment on other another person’s post, it puts your blog out there for other people to see. Obviously, you like to read people’s comments on posts. If you like what you read, I insist you leave a comment on that post to and also follow that person’s blog. You will be amazed how many followers you can get this way.

Time your posts appropriately

You will see the most popular Tumblr accounts post at least once a day, and typically not more than five times a day. And you need to know the best time to post to this platform to get more user engagement on your post. By the way, you can post outside traditional US business hours.

If you follow our process to get more follower on Tumblr you will be surprised at a great number of new followers on your page! And you just need to give your blog time to grow. Feel free to ask if you have any question on our comment box. You can also buy Tumblr followers from our site. 100% Money back guarantee.

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