Let’s call it – “Incidental SEO”.

I am sure, you are not familiar with this new SEO term, but you may have seen such SEO activity in your email.

Yes, over email.

A couple of days ago, I got an email titled “Affiliate Question” and I opened it. Since I am in this industry for so long and I thought any of my students emailed me asking some questions.

But I was wrong.

Lets look at this image –

What I got from here?

In this email; that sender didn’t ask me for any links.

He already knows that I help people at lot in my YouTube Channel, Blogs and in different forums and he has taken the advantage of it.

This “Yulya” (maybe its an African name or maybe a Philippines?) buddy claimed that I talked about that specific affiliate program.


I never did this.

But look at his second line – Could you please forward me the link to “that keyword”. I can’t seem to be able to find it on Google.

Well, my usually helping mind just Googled the phrase and found this –

Ah, toys!

Let’s get straight to it –

What’s the catch here?

This guy wanted me to search that particular keyword phrase and click on that link.

And every time people search that keyword and click on that specific link; it picked up by Google automatically due to the higher volume of search CTR%.  And as people always are clicking the same result for the specific keyword; Google ranks it at the #1st spot on the front page.

No matter what worst niches you are in. Whatever it may be; from adults to gambling – you can take anything to the top of Google for your desired branded term.

This techniques triggers the Google’s AI and let them understand that, this “particular page” is suitable for this “particular keyword” because everyone is searching it directly and going to this particular page.

What about this incidental SEO techniques for whitehat niches?

I just stumbled upon this Quora Thread based upon all the popular Quora Topics; with millions of millions of million followers for each thread; and I am sure you will find your niche topic here and see who are most helpful in those threads.

Then just grab their Facebook ID or email id and we can scale the process.

You can ask me – why Quora?

Okay. To me, Quora users usually love helping other peoples without thinking about any benefits. You will find millions of people there in Quora answering questions because of they just know about it. They don’t care about any links, upvotes or claps. They just help people.

We can also target other Questions & Answer sharing sites as well.

Probably you can target some blog owners too; who write blogs just for people…like this one. 🙂

In the meantime, I have got a comment on one of my blogs following this exact strategy. Let’s check this out –

I will experiment with this exact strategy in a more humble and efficient way in some of my white hat niches and will let you guys know the result. 🙂

Even I am thinking; why we should go with Email only? We can go to Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn and all over public places too.

You get the point.

Yes, I will sure the exact strategy as well here in LNB Blog, so that you can also rinse and repeat it for success. :)….in more whitehat way for whitehat niches.

Stay tuned.

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