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Are you looking for a great tool to monitor keywords and competitors?

Do you want to boost your SEO campaign?

What is daunting about SEO is that you need to be alert all the time. You need to be eagle-eyed and clever enough to monitor keywords as well as your competitors. When I started tweaking for SEO, I didn’t know I could spy my competitors.

Then, I came across this great tool that not only gave me an edge over my competitors but also put a spin on my SEO campaign.

I’m talking about iSpionage. It’s fairly new in the SEO arena, but quickly gained popularity as an effective all in one SEO research tool. If you’re also looking to build your PPC campaign, iSpionage will be really helpful.

I have been using this iSpionage since 2016. In this article, I discussed top features of iSpionage and how it can benefit you.

iSpionage Review 2017: SEO Keyword Research Tool

Article at a Glance

  • Who Is iSpionage For?
  • Why Should You Use iSpionage?
  • Top Features of iSpionage
  • Pros and Cons of iSpionage
  • Pricing of iSpionage

Let’s expand each of these topics below:

Who Is ISpionage For?

  • iSpionage is designed for any individual looking to up their SEO efforts.
  • If you want to spy your competitor activities and track your own keywords, then iSpionage sure is a great and effective tool.

Why Should You Use iSpionage?

There are lots of benefits of using iSpionage. Plus, there are plenty of reasons that you use this tool. Most common reasons are:

?Enormous Database – everything about iSpionage is awe-inspiring. iSpionage covers over 92+ million keywords, 45+ million domains on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and 108+ million ad copies. Utilizing such huge database, you can sure effectively monitor and source useful keywords. Furthermore, you can research domains.

? Deeper Insights & Stately Prospects – if you want to improve your competitiveness, this tool can be immensely useful. It offers deeper insights on your, competitors. You can download the data in PDF format as well. With its competitive analysis reports, you can improve your campaign up to 25%.

?Getting the Most out of Your Competitors – who are the top brands in your niche? iSpionage allows you to learn about them with the most profitable high-valued keyword. While you’re at it, you’ll enjoy its interactive interface.
Top & Unique Features of iSpionage

No matter what tool you use, you’ll find them falling short of the unique features iSpionage offers.

Here are some of the most useful and unique features of iSpionage:

Competitor Research

iSpionage is immensely helpful for spying your competitor without letting them know. It lets you know the keywords your competitor is ranking for. Furthermore, you can check your own keywords and see if they will do well against your competitors.

iSpionage two different options for Competitor Research. They are:

  • Competitor Alert – who doesn’t want to stay ahead of their competitors? What is unique about this tool is that you can do effortlessly. All you have to do is type in the URL and it will let you know if a new keyword is included in the URL.

Follow the steps listed below to enable Competitor Alert

Step #1: type in the URL you wish to receive the alert for.

Step #2: now press ‘Set Alert’ button to activate.

  • Keyword & Domain Research – you can receive the research data on a particular keyword or domain.

Follow the steps listed below to do a Keyword & Domain Research

Step #1: type in the keyword or domain you wish to perform the research.

Step #2: press the ‘Search’ button.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Builder feature is what sets iSpionage apart. The feature allows you to derive reports based on your entire industry. Campaign Monitor is simply a report generation tool. But, its processing makes it truly unique. It collects data from various sources and delivers a report on how to launch your own campaign. When collecting data, it digs through the sources of your competitors as well.


When ranking keywords, iSpionage considers two factors: KEI and AEI. KEI is Keyword Effectiveness Index that is determined based on CPC. While AEI is Ad Effectiveness Index, that is decided based on the duration an ad has been live on the search engine.

Pros and Cons of iSpionage


? Easy to use

? Plenty of features

? Offers free guides and tutorials


? Collates limited data as relatively newer
? Free trial version contains vary limited features

Pricing & Plans

iSpionage doesn’t come completely free. It has 4 Plans and several pricing structures based on monthly and 6-months period. All Plans come with a 30-days money-back guarantee policy.

Here are the 4 Plans

  • Basic – $29 /per month
  • Starter – $59 /per month
  • Professional – $99 /per month
  • Advanced – $299 /per month


If you are looking for a tool that could give you an edge over your competitors, iSpionage undoubtedly a great one. Its feature-rich and data derived from it is really useful. It is a relatively new tool, but it sure proved its worth within a short period!

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