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24Would you like to spy on the keywords of your competitors?

When looking for a keyword research tool, most of us can’t find an effective one. But, today I’m going to introduce you to one such great tool that will exceed your expectation. And, the tool is Keyword Spy.

While Keyword Spy is considered a keyword research tool by the most, its services are rather far broader. Keyword Spy is a spy tool to the truest form.

Keyword Spy Review

Article at a Glance

  • What Is Keyword Spy?
  • Why Should You Use Keyword Spy?
  • Keyword Spy Services
  • Overview of Keyword Features
  • Pricing & Plans

Let’s learn about each of these topics in detail:

What Is Keyword Spy?

Keyword Spy is a spy tool. It allows you to spy on top affiliate marketers. Then, it gives you a list of all the keywords that are working for them.

Why Should You Use Keyword Spy?

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, you can’t deny the importance of keywords. You may wonder what keywords are working for successful businesses. That’s when you need tools like Keyword Spy.

Keyword Spy lets you discover the competitive status of your competitors. It shows what PPC campaign strategy your competitors adopted. It also exposes the most profitable keywords used by them.

Keyword Spy lets you discover PPC ads run by your competitors. You can find out information on keywords, search volume, ad copy, etc.

Keyword Spy Services

Keyword Spy offers two services primarily:

  • Research
  • Tracking

You can avail these two services as stand-alone services. Or, you can avail their Enterprise or Professional solutions. These two solutions combine both of the services.

Let’s learn about each of these services:

  • Keyword Spy Research – this option primarily concerns business owners who want to explore their competitors’ keywords, competitors’ PPC ads, keyword market. As a result, you can build your own keyword list and ad copy. Keyword Research is really useful in researching competitors’ keywords and understanding their strategy.
  • Keyword Spy Tracking – once you’ve collected the keywords using Research, now it’s time to track the keywords. Tracking is a completely different process and suitable for mid-level PPC companies and individuals.

Overview of Keyword Spy Features

Keyword Spy is armed with plenty of features. Below is a concise discussion on the best features:

  • Identify Your Competition – it’s a distinctive feature of Keyword Spy. As not many keywords tools offer such service. Keyword Spy allows you to discover your online competition.
  • Research and Track Your Competition – researching and tracking your competition is a time-consuming effort. But, Keyword Spy allows you to do it easily.
  • Identify Affiliates for Your Website – who are the potential affiliates for your website? Keyword Spy allows you to discover them. Keyword Spy explores popular networks, such as Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction, etc., then finds and tracks affiliates.
  • View Your Competitors’ PPC Ads – which ads are your competitors publishing for certain keywords? Keyword Spy allows you to view your competitors’ PPC ads.

Pricing & Plans

  • Research – the pricing for Research starts at $89.95 per month.
  • Tracking – the pricing for Tracking starts at $89.95 per month.
  • Professional – the pricing for a month in Professional plan is $139.95.


You can’t put Keyword Spy under the same category with other keyword research tools. Its unique features and services distinguish it from others. It allows you to perform a deep research and gain valuable insights.

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