You may be a small business owner, professional blogger, or just a digital marketer, the sector you are involved with, it is not highly unlikely that you heard of the buzzword: email marketing. With the emergence of social media platforms, direct mailing, online advertising; different marketing channels surfaced in unison to utilize marketing opportunities.

Email marketing is such a method of digital communication; that is one of the oldest, yet powerful. Whether you are running an online store, or a brick-and mortar business; you need ways to promote your product/service, then reach and engage with your customers, and potential customers. Email marketing is one cost-effective channel to complete such tasks.

Everybody requires an email address these days. Building an email list amplifies the value of your customers, and your company revenue. Having an email list brings targeted traffic to your website, and lead to sales. So, how can you build and grow your email list quickly? People used to use RSS feeds to increase their subscribers. Those days are long gone, now people use software to build their list. Creating landing pages and popups are integral part of building that list. Today I am going to introduce you to a tool that offers both, and that is LeadPages.

What is LeadPages?

LeadPages is a Web-based app that you can use to create both landing pages, and popups LeadPages’ drag-and-drop feature allows you to create aesthetic landing pages, setting up email sign-up forms, and many more.

Why should I get LeadPages?

Previously you learned that LeadPages makes landing page, and popup creation easy. If you were to design, and write these kinds of opt-in forms by hand, you would have had to hurdle many obstacles. Since creating those requires learning how to code, having the ability to design, and countless hours of experimenting. However, LeadPages cuts down your tasks by several notches. For example – you can create a landing page with LeadPages in five minutes or less, but conventionally it would take several hours to get it done. LeadPages is mainly a lead generation tool. You can use LeadPages to drive your web and mobile conversions through a number of unique products. LeadPages stats register 40 million leads since 2012, and employed more than 100 people.

LeadPages Features and How to Get Started

Creating Landing Pages

LeadPages speciality lies within its strength to create attractive landing pages. And, you do not need to write a single line of code to create landing pages. You do not need to know about designing at all. Because LeadPages is built on template designs, no programming experience is required to create those beautiful pages. Pick out your favorite template from 100’s of designs using the landing page editor tool, and create a page that displays your needs.

Steps to Create a Landing Page with LeadPages

  • First of all, you need to choose a template from the gallery. LeadPages offers many pre-made templates. As soon as you sign up with LeadPages, you will be able to browse through them in your account.
  • Then, you can customize the template as per your wish. You can change the look, position, and elements of the opt-in text, and button text.
  • You can edit the page title, details, keywords for SEO, and analytics code by going to the Basic Page Settings.
  • Go to the Style Settings section if you need to change the colors of your button background, button hover, and background hover for buttons.
  • You can upload your own images and use them to highlight your business logo, and page background.

LeadPages offers templates that you can use for any situations you can think of. LeadPages template collection includes –

  • Webinar Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • 404 Pages

LeadBoxes – LeadBoxes is a popup window that appears when a visitor clicks on a certain link, image, button, or piece of text. LeadBoxes help you build your email list from any HTML site without using a landing page. LeadBoxes now became the most fashionable way to display a conventional popup opt-ins. LeadBoxes can even appear when a visitor decides to leave your site.

Steps to Create a LeadBox

  • Log into LeadPages account, and click on LeadBoxes tab
  • Click on ‘Create New LeadBox’ to create a new LeadBox
  • Click on Integration Settings to configure your LeadBox.
  • You can select an email service provider you want to integrate with.
  • Then click on ‘Yes’ under Integrate with Lead Notifications.
  • If you want to receive notifications every time someone opts into your LeadBox, then specify an email address to receive notifications.
  • Click ‘Yes’ under Integrate with Webinar Host for receiving opt-ins to your Webinar service.
  • Click the ‘Okay’ button at the bottom to finish the process.     

Steps to Customize a LeadBox

  • Customize your LeadBox with the settings in the left sidebar.
  • You can change the name, heading style, and the color of the submit button of your LeadBox.
  • Simply edit the content of an element in the left sidebar, and save the changes.
  • Grab your code and publish your LeadBox.

LeadDigits – LeadDigits is a feature of LeadPages, designed to collect emails via text message. You may be busy with your office-related activities, or may be at a conference, and unable to respond to your visitor’s query. Instead, you can converse with them by having text in keywords to LeadDigits number. And, the visitor will immediately receive the solution to their query. LeadDigits can prove an effective solution for offline media using SMS text messaging to collect emails and phone numbers.

Setting Up a New LeadDigit

  • Create a new LeadDigit on LeadPages
  • Select a number to which your leads will send texts
  • When somebody texts you, you can
  • Add them to any email list
  • Receive email notifications with them for future follow-up
  • Sign them up for Webinar

Split Testing A/B – split testing is designed to compare small changes on like pages. This tool allows you to randomly split a test percentage traffic between test pages. The comparison analysis will allow you to remove the non-active members, and contest more traffic.

LeadPages Integration, and 3rd Party Support

If you have a WordPress-powered site, then you can install the LeadPages connector plugin. This plugin allows you to get access to a wide range of landing pages, and LeadBoxes you have made. Non-WordPress users also can integrate their sites with LeadPages. If you have a plain HTML site, you can get the HTML code for your landing page.

How I Used LeadPages to Grow my Email List

To grow my email list, I laid out various techniques like uploading text documents, video clips, audio recordings. And, these techniques are ethical bribes to encourage visitors to join my email list. Those techniques are technically called ‘Lead Magnets’

  1. I used Google Analytics to determine the best performing blog posts on a certain website. ‘Content Drilldown’ helped me find out the most popular posts.
  2. I gave away a few resources, and a short audio recording file for the popular posts.
  3. I used Lead Magnet Editor to upload the giveaways.
  4. Then, I created a LeadBox on LeadPages.
  5. I customized these LeadBoxes using the WYSIWYG editor, and used a drop-down menu to pick out the relevant Lead Magnets for each LeadBox.
  6. I posted the code for these LeadBoxes into top three blog posts. Now when a new visitor discovers the top 3 blog posts, and click on a link for those LeadBoxes, they are given an ethical bribe or Lead Magnet. Now when a visitor opts-in for the recording file, LeadPages sends them the relevant file.

LeadPages Pricing

LeadPages does not offer that much complicated pricing structure. LeadPages offers three tiers of pricing plans. 

  • Standard – the Standard pricing plan starts at $37 per month, however you can commit to a year-long contract, and pay $25 per month. You can enjoy access to the LeadPages landing pages, and LeadBoxes with the plan.
  • Pro – this pricing plan unfetters all the extra features for $67 a month.
  • Advanced – the Advanced tier offers sub accounts, and the importer for templates for $199 per month.

If you pay for 1 or 2 years in advance, you get to enjoy additional 33-40% discount over choosing the monthly payment option.

Review Summary

Product Name : LeadPages

Product Type : Web-based email marketing tool

What I Like

  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Fluently integrates with your autoresponders, and Webinars
  • Excellent customer support
  • Short, but detailed video tutorials
  • Cloud-based (no need to install or download)
  • Faster loading time
  • Attractive WordPress features like LeadBoxes
  • Redirects 404 traffic to a LeadPages
  • Unlimited traffic

What I Don’t Like

  • No drag and drop functionality
  • Very limited customization opportunity

The Wrap Up – LeadPages always occupies my marketing toolkit. LeadPages is an amazing, and effective solution for marketers who want to produce leads for their businesses as soon as possible. LeadPages also gives you a boost, so you can get your business up and running in no time. LeadPages proved itself to be vital for applying the content upgrade strategy. LeadPages also offers extreme functionality for testing out various landing pages. Once you sign up with LeadPages, from building your email list to creating landing pages, everything is absolutely easy and simple. And, yes, I recommend LeadPages.

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