Having 3000+ connections on LinkedIn and acquiring decent amount of clients from this awesome professional network; I can now move ahead and share my experiences of my personal LinkedIn Marketing with everyone of this world.

Before diving into the system of how to make LinkedIn works for you; lets ask a question here for the public – "Why I Should Use LinkedIn As One Of My Main Marketing Channel?".

  • Number of LinkedIn users right now: whooping 467 Million.
  • Number of USA Users in LinkedIn: 128 Million.
  • Age group of most LinkedIn users: 18-49 (67% of Whole Users – Source: Statista)
  • 40% of all LinkedIn users check the website daily.
  • About millionaires! Well, 41% Millionaires use LinkedIn often!
  • 40 Million Decision Makers use LinkedIn regularly. 
  • 6.8 Million C-Level Executives are in LinkedIn who can hire anyone/buy anything from their network if they feel good about it. 

Already got a good enough stats to get you motivated to know more about LinkedIn? 

Whether you own a B2B Company or a Brand or a Corporate Firm or a Little Service/Product Owner; lets move on and get best of the LinkedIn Marketing Strategies now. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not a Facebook and you are not here to find your lost friends or girl to date. Your LinkedIn profile is the CV that the potential employer or buyer will carefully visit and try to understand you about who you are and what you are capable of doing. 


  1. Use a professional looking image as your profile photo. 400*400px is the ideal size.
  2. Use a focused and profesisonal header image with a size of 974 * 300px.  
  3. Add your skills one by one. 
  4. Add all of your professional certifications
  5. Add all the projects you have worked with so far. 
  6. Add your Website, Blog and Portfolio Link or fIle. 
  7. Add slideshare presentations on your LinkedIn profile. 
  8. Add news or blog link where your expertise are shown or talked about. 
  9. Include the full industry experience in your profile description. 


Write Articles on LinkedIn Regularly

Use LinkedIn Pulse regularly and build your authority in your niche. Follow the traditional blog and see how they have been successful on their niche and use the exact formula on your LinkedIn Profile.

Post at least 20 times per month…

So, what type of contents you should publish on your LinkedIn profile?

Check the list below: 

  • Industry/Niche related Photos.
  • A BIG image and your blog/website/service link.
  • Motivational Images.
  • Expertise based Infographics.
  • Screenshots or recent projects/acheivements
  • Upload slide on slideshare and sync that presentations with your LinkedIn Profile. 
  • Any ebooks you just have read.
  • Industry or Expert oriented blog posts.
  • Make videos, upload them on YouTube and share it in your LinkedIn Profile. 

Pro Tip: Summerise any post from your website or blog and then publish on LinkedIn with a credit link back to your main article on your website. This will not only create a backlink for your website; but also drive related traffics. And your expertise on that niche? It will definitely increase a lot! 


Use Eye Catching Images & Special Symbols

Unlike other social media; Images are also being shared more on LinkedIn also. As this is a professional network; you should stick to sharing your niche focused images (not for marketing but for motivating your networks) to inspire them. You can also share information, news and industry insights as well.

Check the image below to know what type of images or articles are being shared more on LinkedIn.

linkedin marketing


Use special Symbols or Windings to highlight your skills, expertise and bragging rights on your LinkedIn Profile page.

Here is an Example of using bold, focused but beautiful windings on the profile description. Asif Anwar – A Pioneer Internet Marketer has awesomely decorated his LinkedIn profile page.

LinkedIn profile optimization


  1. Use a good looking smiling image as your profile picture. 
  2. Find awesome windings on your profile description. To get the windings/symbols for free, click here


Use Company Page & Showcase Page Feature Brilliantly 

You don't have to create hundreds of LinkedIn accounts to promote your each products or services you own. But from the same company page; you can promote your services or products separately with separate audience using the Showcase Page feature. 

LinkedIn for B2B Businesses

Just go to your Company Page in LinedIn and click on the Arrow Down Sign of the blue colored "Edit" button. You will find a button named "create your showcase page" where you will click and add your product/service pages as your showcase page. 

Well, why would you need a showcase page?

It is needed if you want to target all of your services specifically in LinkedIn and you want separate pages for them. 


  1. Target your Keywords on your company showcase page. 
  2. On the Showcase Page; enter your Website/Landing page for specific product/services. 

Pro Tip: Share your blog posts & case studies regularly on your Company Page. Its because, once any buyer/employer/recruiter land on your company page; they will instantly get the touch of your expertise from your blog posts published on your company page. 

Join LinkedIn Groups & Nurture Your Potential Leads

There are hundreds of thousands LinkedIn groups already exist and you don't need to create any group on any niches anymore. You just have to join your niche focused group and start talking, commenting, answering and solving other problems and driving visitors to your website.  

Finding groups over LinkedIN

But, wait! 

Almost 60% of these groups are full of spammers! You will see people are coming and posting links and going out immediately with any engagements are made. 

So, how would you work on that?

Well, here is a proven and working method to find relatively active and less spammed groups. 

Follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on this link: LinkedIn Groups
  2. Check the right side of that page and try to find this section named – "YOUR MOST ACTIVE GROUPS". Voila. 
  3. Now start posting informative contents, answering other's questions and solving other's problem and you will start attracting potential customers ahead. 

Pro Tip: Go to any Influencer's profile of your niche. Then find the groups they are in. You should join on these groups too. Then create value for the group users publishing contents regularly. If you are in 50 groups, you will get 4-10 likes per post from each group and at the end of the day this will create a different and let you become an authority of that niche. Just wash, rinse and repeat.

Advanced Search – Your Friend on LinkedIn

If you are a business owner and sell a service over LinkedIn; then find the potential buyers from the specific country. And add them on your network. Like I said before, LinkedIn is not a social media…so connect only with the like minded, targeted and industry specific people whose connection might help you in the long run. 

Where you are into finding specifc group of people or job or articles or whatever; you will have a vast ranges of Fileration system built in to modify your search queries and get the exact result you were looking for. 

For example: 

If you want to find specific group of people from Linkedin; you have the scope of filtering your Advanced Search by using Keyowrds, Locations, Current Companies, Industries, Languages, Academic Schools and so on. 

how to search on linkedin

Besides, when you like to search jobs on LinkedIn; you will have enough options to modify your result to get the best of LinkedIn Job search in the Advanced Search Option. You can modify seach results using filters like Date Posted, Company, Country/Location, Job Responsibilities, Industry and most importantly – experience level. 

job search advanced linkedin

Give Your Personal Touch, Always

LinkedIn is all about the expertise, trust and authority. And if you can add your personal touch there with the other three mentioned in previous sentence; you will definitely be succeed here. 

So, how would I put personal touch on everything I do over LinkedIn? 

Follow the tasks below: 

  1. Like, comment and share other's update of your industry. 
  2. Congratulate them on their achievements, jobs and birthdays. 
  3. Wish them best luck on thier new journey. 
  4. When you share an article on LinkedIn Pulse, make sure you mention/tag the author/company/brand/blogger (if they are in your connection) on your post whome you mentioned on your article (if so). 
  5. Always get in touch with your industry experts. 
  6. Aim to build relationship, not just a connection. 

Pro Tip: While congratulating, you will see that there is a default message by LinkedIn itself are ready for you. Don't send them as your message. Because the receivers are already know them well. Personalize the message and be distinguished. 

Reach Out, Often

Every week you get some new connections, right? Lets say, you have 15 new LinkedIn connections this week. So, what you would do at the next week is – reaching out to your every 15 new connections. Use the LinkedIn inMail/Message option and ask them how they are doing and how you can help them! 

What exactly to ask?

Here are some ideas for you:

Have a close look on their profile and find the most exciting job/projects/achievement they had or having. Also check which group they are in and who the top people are on their connections list. And then start your message by mentioning that like –

  1. "Hey John, you wrote/done/completed this awesome Book/job/projects? I am from the same industry and lucky to be your friend/connection here". 
  2. I am newbie marketer and have been following your blog since 2015. Would love to talk with you here if you don't mind. Whatever, the resources you are sharing with public; are just awesome! Keep going like this. 
  3. Hello Mike, I have found you in a healthcare group here in linkedin and got to know that you own a med-care company and wanted to reach out to see if any working possibilites available for both of us. I have 5+ experiences on medicine industry and looking forward to discuss about my background and other qualifications for any openings from your end. I would really love to connect with you as we are contributing to same industry. 

Be Shameless To Get Recommendations

When you are done with a project/job, ask your co-workers and employers to give you a review/testimonials via LinkedIn. The potential future buyer/client/employer can easily check them on your profile and a solid recommendation can hugely increase your chance of hiring. 

recommendation on linkedin

So, how you would request a recommendations on LinkedIn?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to any profile whome you want a recommendation on LinkedIn. 
  2. Click on the [—] button right side of their profile picture. Check the image above. 
  3. Click on "Request a recommendation" tab. 
  4. Select your relationship with this person and position of your job and click on next. 
  5. On the third step, explain what kind of recommendation you want from him/her and you are done! 

Pro Tip: Focus on Recommendation more rather than Endorsement. Endorsement is like social like and doesn't define your expertise perfectly as anybody can endorse you and you can manipulate it. 

Help First, Sell Later

LinkedIn is not like other social platforms. People who are in LinkedIn are for real reason and for real business. So, if you are not here to provide value; nobody actually have the time to look who you are, what you eat and how your car look like. Recruiters are here to find the best people. Employers are here to find the best candidates and Business owners are here to find the best guy to get help from.

So, how would you distinguish yourself and become that GUY who everyone is looking for?

Here are some tips:

  1. Become a Go-Giver, but not a Go-Getter.
  2. Provide value on whatever you are doing (posting links or contents or sending connection request) on LinkedIn.  
  3. Join as much groups as you can and help as many people as you can without expecting any call or return from them. 
  4. Educate your leads and potential customers. Identify their problems and publish case studies about how anyone can solve the problems using your case study. 

Bottom Line: How to get most of this linkedin marketing guideline? Take notes of every section of this article, make a plan with your own twist and start taking action. 

Best luck and advanced thanks for sharing this resource with your friends who want to do extremely well on lead generation from LinkedIn. 

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