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If businesses want to grow, they cannot ignore the importance of marketing. And, marketing requires constant communication with customers. Creating a website spreads the word about your business that you could utilize to reach people. Every business needs a website, and for that matter you need to subscribe to a hosting service to host your website.

When it comes to choosing a reliable web hosting, nobody but big businesses understand the importance. Reliable web hosting is a must for big businesses to maintain their online presence. LiquidWeb is such a web hosting service that many of the largest brands subscribe to. Reliable web hosting service is the major step in how your website is delivered to customers.

Choosing a reliable web hosting service means little or no down time. Having excellent uptime is important. Your customers need constant contact with your business/service to get information or make a purchase. I decided to write a review for LiquidWeb that can handle high amount of traffic, and is committed to streamlining your website all the time.

What You Will Learn From This Review

  • LiquidWeb Introduction
  • Pricing Plans of LiquidWeb
  • LiquidWeb Performance
  • LiquidWeb Reliability & Usability
  • Pros & Cons of LiquidWeb
  • LiquidWeb Customer Support

What is LiquidWeb? 

Founded in 1997, LiquidWeb is one of the popular, and well-established names in web hosting industry. LiquidWeb services made itself become one of the leading managed dedicated server hosts. LiquidWeb built a reputation providing excellent connectivity. Offering superb service, and customer support, LiquidWeb has become increasingly reliable over the years. LiquidWeb packages contain a wide array of managed WordPress, VPS, and dedicated plans. LiquidWeb infrastructure is powerful enough to drive the likes of ESPN, FedEx, MTV, and many others.

LiquidWeb Hosting Service Types & Pricing Plans

All about LiquidWeb is you get what you pay. With LiquidWeb, you have to pay premium prices to receive premium services. In a fast-evolving eCommerce climate, kick-starting a website is a daunting process for enterprise-level marketing. You need reliable, and top-notch services in every aspect. And, LiquidWeb’s unparalleled services make it difficult to look for any other service provider. LiquidWeb no longer offers shared hosting packs. So, small businesses, cash-constrained marketers may find it difficult to cope with the expensive pricing plans. LiquidWeb will cost you more than most. However, you get what you pay for. LiquidWeb will charge you more, but will provide you more.

  • No Shared Web Hosting Service – LiquidWeb has no shared web hosting plans. Shared web hosting is a popular choice for individuals, and smallest of businesses. If you to subscribe to a shared hosting plan, you need to opt for services HostGator, BlueHost, etc.
  • VPS – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. If you are combine certain features of shared hosting, and dedicated hosting, you will get VPS. VPS emerged as the solution for people who cannot afford a dedicated hosting plan, yet want to experience it a bit. With a VPS server, a single server is divided into several servers on which websites are hosted. However, instead of physical servers, these servers are virtual.

LiquidWeb VPS Plans & Cost

While competitors may advertise lower prices, LiquidWeb’s VPS solutions are really amazing in terms of flexibility, and hardware components. The least expensive services offered by LiquidWeb are the VPS hosting plans. All of LiquidWeb’s VPS plans are powered by Storm® Platform. Storm Servers are the next generation of server hosting. Also, every plan offers CloudFlare® CDN, built-in backups, enhanced security, and DDOS attack protection. Every plan uses SSD as storage, and 5TB of monthly data transfer. LiquidWeb’s VPS solutions start at $50 per month, and run all the way up to $219 per month.

The 1GB RAM VPS Plan is the least expensive plan. It is armed with 50GB SSD Disk Space, and a single core processor. The first plan will cost you the least. It will cost $50 per month.

The 2GB RAM VPS Pack doubled up the SSD space, yet will cost you $79 per month. The Pack will support both Linux- or Windows-based platforms.

The 4GB RAM Pack will cost you $139 per month, and offers 150GB SSD space, and a dual core processor. The previous two plans are powered by a single core processor.

The most powerful plan of three is driven by a quad core processor, and can handle up to 8GB RAM operation. The Plan offers 300GB of SSD disk space.

More Features of VPS Plans

  • cPanel/WHM availability
  • Up to 5TB transfer bandwidth
  • Easy scalability
  • Free Storm® firewall
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Dedicated Hosting – dedicated hosting refers to renting an entire server for your website. With a server dedicated to host your site, you can have maximum control over your site. The server will host only your website.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Hosting Plans & Cost

While LiquidWeb’s VPS may be enough, and suiting for manyfold, their dedicated servers plans are designed for those with most serious hosting needs. LiquidWeb’s dedicated servers are of two types — Fully Managed Individual Servers, and Fully Managed Server Bundles. Starting at $199 per month, and maxing out at $799 per month. All of LiquidWeb’s dedicated servers depend on the latest Intel Xeon Technology, and hosted in Michigan, Arizona, and Amsterdam. LiquidWeb users can customize their servers with up to 1.5TB of storage, 64GB of RAM, and an awesome 10TB of monthly outbound bandwidth. LiquidWeb’s dedicated servers offer services for both Linux and Windows platforms.

The entry-level dedicated server package is equipped with quad 4 cores @ 3.6 GHz / 4.0 GHz Turbo, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 240GB SSD, 1TB SATA backup drive, and 5TB Outbound Bandwidth. At the same time, Fully Managed Server Bundles contain backups, security and upgraded hardware. Backups guarantee the safety of customers’ data. LiquidWeb has a strict policy about customers receiving all the hardware, and software resources they signed up for. The LiquidWeb dedicated server plan tops out at $799 per month. LiquidWeb’s dedicated server solutions may not look that attractive from a perspective of a cash-constrained customer, however considering the quality of service they offer, LiquidWeb is worth a try. And, you will discover that a LiquidWeb plan is a solid investment.

  • WordPress -WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS platform. WordPress helps you build, and get your website up and live in minutes. WordPress is the leading CMS for creating blogging sites, and attractive functional sites very quickly. WordPress’s strength lies in its quick installation and building process.

LiquidWeb WordPress Services

LiquidWeb boasts about offering a one-stop solution for easily hosting, and managing multiple sites by minimizing interruption chances. LiquidWeb’s Platform as a Service solution offers easy-to-handle, liquid-flow interface. LiquidWeb optimizes servers to offer streamlined services, and combines high-performance servers, and snappy cPanel. Choosing optimized server will give you complete control over your Fully Managed Server.

LiquidWeb Special Discounts

LiquidWeb offers discount coupons for both VPS, and dedicated hosting services. You can avail yourself of up to 39% discount on any VPS plan for the first month of your contract. Normally VPS plans come with 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB server packages. And, the price starts at $50 per month. However, you could reduce the cost up to $17.5 for the first month. LiquidWeb also offers 10% discount on dedicated plans if you manage to stay with LiquidWeb for a whole year.

LiquidWeb Performance

LiquidWeb boasts superior uptime, and promises 100% network uptime. They can guarantee such lavish uptime because LiquidWeb does not oversell. Such decision paves the way for good performance. LiquidWeb not overselling keeps the 5% of sites that consumes 80% of server resources. All for customers elated experience, and excellent uptime.

LiquidWeb Reliability

LiquidWeb is one of the world’s strongest networks. Their robust networks makes its reliability unparalleled. LiquidWeb highly prioritizes reliability. LiquidWeb’s all three data centers are self-owned. LiquidWeb employs engineers who have to go through rigorous training to hone their skill, and become worthy to function the network 24/7. LiquidWeb’s data centers are located in Lansing, Arizona, and Michigan. All three are owned by LiquidWeb. All three data centers are built with Geo-redundant setup, and redundant network, so that any failure in the system, your website can be redirected to a different data-center.

LiquidWeb has premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers to ensure minimal latency, and faster connections worldwide. LiquidWeb is powered by complete power systems, and served by multiple uninterruptible power supplies, battery cabinets, emergency generators, and more. All three data-centers are sealed to non-technical employees, and can only be accessed by selected technical employees. LiquidWeb data centers are protected by electronic security system. On-site security officers patrolling the areas 24/7, data-centers are fully secure.

LiquidWeb Usability

LiquidWeb utilizes cPanel/WHM as the control panel. These control tools offer awesome features on their users’ dashboards. These tools make the website management a piece of cake. With them, you can customize those features, and use tools to manage the files, FTP account, email, domain names, set up, and monitor your web server. Those tools are attached with icons, and so easy-to-use that anyone without prior coding experience can start managing their web hosting.

LiquidWeb Customer Support

LiquidWeb gained prominence, and emerged as the staunch epitome of perfect, responsive customer support. ‘Heroic Support®’, LiquidWeb would like to call it. LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support Team is available around the clock. There are currently over 150 Heroic engineers employed to sort out your technical issues. LiquidWeb has a branch called Sonar Monitoring division that passionately responds to, and gets rid of your issues. I have been a LiquidWeb customer for almost 2 years. I decided to test their customer support team before and after purchase. I contacted LiquidWeb via a phone call, and queried about server configuration issue I was facing. They responded to me in a clear, and succinct way. I communicated them in all three ways they offer their support via — telephone, chat, and helpdesk. Each time I was satisfied with LiquidWeb’s Heroic support.

Review Summary

Service Provider – LiquidWeb

Service Type – cloud and web hosting service

What I Like

  • Excellent uptime & performance
  • High-end hardware specs
  • Services offered for both Linux-, and Window-based servers
  • 30-minute Hardware Replacement guarantee

What I Don’t Like

  • Lack of shared hosting plans
  • Relatively expensive

The Wrap Up – LiquidWeb is a web hosting company that strengthened its position among the best with its reliability, and unequalled customer service. LiquidWeb has 15 years of experience. Over the years, it grew its infrastructure capability. LiquidWeb is equipped with avant-garde technologies, and emerged as the bastion of providing customers with feature-rich options, and plans. Because of its high-end specs, LiquidWeb can streamline excellent uptime and performance too. Yes, I definitely recommend LiquidWeb.

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