I still remember the days when I spent hours after hours in different forums for different purposes.

These were the golden days of my SEO learning period.

Because at that time, I met with a lot of awesome SEO guys from different countries and we used to share our thoughts and opinions in one place and tried our best to help one another.

But the days are gone.

I see people are rarely spending their time on Forums these days instead of Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. Such a productivity killer we can’t avoid. 🙁

Anyways, surprisingly, there are some SEO forums those are active still these days, and I highly recommend you to go and check the latest threads of them and if possible, get yourself registered and join in.

Because information is systematically organized in the forum rather than Facebook Groups where we love to spend time exploring information. But often the information we are looking for gets lost in the infinite number of posts and comments. Besides, you will get backlinks and traffics to your website and other pages you recommend which is a great bonus in addition to the knowledge you will gather from those forums for free.

Let’s dive in the list of forums that I registered with, and you will find these jam-packed with loads of SEO information, case studies, follow along and tips/hacks and news happening every day in SEO World.

1. Google Webmaster Help Community

You will find the real SEO tips and hacks that work and suggested by Google itself. As this is a Google’s forum, the moderators are handpicked by Google, and in some time they are the real employee of Google search team. So, getting a suggestion or tips from this forum is worthy and informative obviously. What are the topics are covered here in this forum? Well, you will find information and questions/answers about Crawling, indexing, ranking, updates about security, malware issues, hacked sites fixation, structured data tips, search console hacks and a lot more than that.

2. Webmaster World

One of the oldest forum for Webmasters and specifically renowned for very latest updates on Google, Bing and other search engines algorithms. They have plenty of sub-forums dedicated to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Social Media, Marketing and Business, Advertising, Local,
Search Engines, Coding, Content and different tools that we can use for free.

3. Moz Community

Are you a Technical SEO freak and want to explore the most technical issues happening in the SEO world? Then Moz community is the perfect forum for you to join and help yourself and others. They have a pretty sweet search box on the right side saying “have a question?” and you will find everything you need to know. I see the forum is pretty active still today.

4. Reddit SEO

Reddit is by far the largest forum (more than a forum, a large community of zillions of sub-reddits) in any topic you can imagine and when you think about SEO, they are at its best.

I have given a link above, and I see, today there are 97.0k members and 131 members are online right now. Pretty active SEO forum I must say. You also can check r/juststart/ which is pretty emerging SEO forum dedicated to people who love reading case studies and follow along.

5. Black Hat World

Don’t get confused just by its name. BlackHatWorld probably the very best forum in this world where thousands of people stay online all the time. From SEO to PPC to CPA to Ranking Any Websites you want – you will find everything on this forum. The best part of BHW is, you will find lots of case studies and follow along where people show their step by step guideline to doing SEO or ranking a website and explain each of the actions which you can follow anyone and copy that. They have a great marketplace as well where you can sell you SEO skills and other products (SEO based) and buy so as well.

This is it!

I suggest you join on every forum sites I mentioned in this post and start browsing threads that other guy posted. And once you have begun your intro thread, keep helping others and start asking questions when you have questions.

Beside those forums, you can follow some topics from Quora which will fill most of your needs up I believe. Here are those:

  1. SEO
  2. Website Traffic
  3. Web Marketing
  4. Search Engine Marketing

Here are some Facebook Groups where you will also be able to ask questions and get answered by experts.

  1. SEO Signals Lab
  2. Superstar SEO
  3. LionZeal Mastermind
  4. SEO & Bloggers Lounge

What more I missed to mention here in this SEO Forums List?

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