Do you have a local business or visible to a potential buyer? And you have not tracked your local SEO? If so, you are losing the great scope to be noticed when that customer research on the desktop or on mobile.

In this article, I will provide you some suggestion about local SEO ranking factors and about your competitor.

Make a strong local SEO game plan right now.

Let us help you to teach 100+ local SEO tips For Small Business here in detail.

If you want to get better Local Search Results then you must make strategies to compete with your competitor and the important elements of strategies are here as below- 

Make Website with Local Domain

If you have a local business then you have to select the local domain. For example, a UK based business domain should have And for Chile based business, the domain name should be like

Made sense?

Go to Namecheap and search with your business name and then click on the “International” tab to seek suggestions for the local domain name ideas.


Make a responsive website

You have to make sure that your website is responsive. It is really important for local SEO. You can’t avoid this step if you want to rank.

54% local searches came from a smartphone. And I think you know Google also focused on mobile-friendly search results. If your website is not mobile friendly, then you may lose so many customers even in the future.

So, how to make my website responsive?

Well, adding a responsive theme/template on your website will take care of this issue. Learn about AMP for more mobile friendliness assurance.

Enhance your Website’s Usability

You can use this “” to check what the score of your website’s usability is. You have to make sure the score is at least 90/100.

See, how your local people’s first impression would be while they land on your site.

Make sure you think about the local website’s UI/UX guidelines and how people of your region actually habituated to browse a website. Make your website following that exact structure.

Use a unique website design with local touch

You have to sure you are using a unique website design which will help you to reduce your bounce rate and thus it would ranks fast on search engines.

Always add your local touch on your site.

Are you from Australia? Then make your website’s header or footer image based on a Kangaroo theme.

Are you from New Zealand? Then you can make a logo or site icon or the color based on Fern Tree Leaf.

Local Symbol on SEO

You got the idea, right?

Use the Right & Same Business Name Everywhere

You have to use consistent info about your business on the web. Like your business name, phone number, address, email, etc. If you want to gain google trust then you have to assure it.

If you have any differences Google considers it as the spammy and untrustworthy web. And say good bye to your ranking strategy.

Use the Right Address

You need to make sure you are using 100% correct address. Don’t act like stupid like more accurate directions, cross streets and descriptions. Just simply add what your address and keep it same in everywhere.

Add Right Phone Number

Add your phone number to Google My Business and it has to be local and office location. And you need to make sure your page contain area code.

Add the Right URL

It is important to use the correct website URL and listed as the homepage. And this is for a single local business. Or if you have multiple locations then you need to design a landing page for each My business page.

Select Accurate Categories

Listing your business with wrong categories can ruin your whole hard work. So be careful before selecting your Business category list. You should add your business to those categories where the description correctly matches with your business.

Add the Accurate Hours of Activities

Don’t forget to add your business time table on your page. You can change them when you need but you have to keep in mind, it will take 24 hours to change.

Introduce your Business

You need to describe your business and provide the accurate info. Google really love it to add and you just need to provide a short and unique description. It can be 150 to 300 words and just don’t add too much keyword. Keep it natural and informative.

Create 100% Complete Profile

If you want to attract your customer and then you must sure your profile is 100% Complete on your Google+ Business Page (GMB Page). And make it simple and sweet.

Google My Business Page Setup & Verification

Your next step is to verify your google business page. Just follow the step by step process to complete your verification.

Step 1 – Go to this link and click on “Start Now” button.
Step 2 – Add your business details and click on “Continue”. Use “Marker” to locate the exact place your business HQ.

Google Map Set Up

Step 3 – Confirm your business now. You have to provide your Mobile Number to get the confirmation code.

Local Business SEO

Step 4 – Verify Your Local Business Now. Click on the blue “Mail” button ask Google to send your PIN number via Postal Mail.

business verification on gmb

Step 5 – Google will send a Postcard via Postal Mail and you keep waiting for that.

local seo gmb

You are done with your Google My Business Page (GMB).

And it may take a week or two, so don’t worry about it.

No Duplicate business page on Google

Please verified only one page for your business. Don’t create the duplicate page. Unfortunately, some companies have more business pages, and duplicate one can be a threat to an entire Local SEO campaign.

If you have any duplicate please delete it from the Google My Business Page.

Your Google Map Optimization for Local SEO is done; now move on for further on page and off page factors that you must focus on .

Increase your page speed:

If you want to rank fast then have to sure your site speed is good. If your site is taking too much time to load you may lose visitors. And this is not good for your local business.

Firstly check your site speed using Google Page Speed Tool and you know it’s an important factor in google algorithm.

If your site loading time is slow then you may lose your customers. And it will also effect on your ranking factor. So, be careful and use the best hosting to manage your page speed.

Positive Reviews:

Informative information will help you to encourage your clients to leave positive reviews.

Ask your existing clients or customers to leave a review on your Google My Business page .

Add your Site with Webmaster Tool:

Don’t forget to add your site along with Google and Bing webmaster tools. Where you can check the errors and others of your site.

Choose the Right Keyword:

Select the right key or focus keyword your website. And it is the most important part of your Local business.

Add your locals or regional name in your product or service page, in title, and in meta description.

For example; if you sell boutique items on new york city, then curate your Title like “Cheap Boutique Items in NYC” and so on.

Make an XML & HTML Sitemap:

You have to make sure you are using XML sitemap. If you don’t have a sitemap then use to generate it for you.

After generating sitemap, add your xml sitemap to Webmaster. Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing webmaster tools.

This will help Search engines to crawl webpages easily.

Make an HTML Sitemap and you need to place it in the footer section of your web page to assure each page can be easily crawled.


You have to make sure you are targeting the right country to get the right customer for your business.

Add Website with Google analytics

Connect your site with Google analytics and observe what is happening and understanding of your demographics.

You need to setup Google Analytics accurately and check the detail about your website. Which pages your audience like most, how many times they are staying and much more.

Help your Customers

This is the most important part for your visitors. Make them comfortable to find what they want.

Use right NAP on Site or Landing Page

You have to add the name, address, or phone number on your website or landing page. This is the key to success in local SEO. So, be careful while you are going to add on your page.

You need to add the correct Address and Phone Number along with local code if possible.


You must use’s markup while submitting your address or phone number to your site. If you are using it, it will be a great help for your visitors and search engines especially Google. 

It’s a great way to introduce your important information to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It tells the search engines to show important info in search results such as short description about your business website, reviews, activity hours, events, restaurant menus, show time and much more.

Add your Complete Address

Don’t forget to add your complete address on your website. And don’t use any code word like PO.

Write Post Code and connect it to your google my business account.

Select the Right hosting

You should choose your hosting wisely in order to run successful local business.

The nearer your hosting server is located from your target audience/customers; the faster your website will be loaded and thus it will affect on your ranking.

Enhance your Website’s Overall User Experience:

It is the best and important things of your website. You just need to add the right navigation system to help your visitors to find your services/product/offers as quickly as possible. 

Make a connection with Social Media & add a blog

Make a good connection with your followers on social media and promote your blog.

Publish articles  regularly on the blog about the work you do or the special services you are offering.

Add your Website to Local Directories

Submit your website to local directories as many as possible. If may be time-consuming but it is the great way to improve your business.

Just type on Google about your niche + directory and it will trigger you a lot of directory names where you can register and list your business websites.

Offer award to Loyal Customers

You can offer a discount to Loyal Customers and it may increase return customers.

Make a Email subscription list so that people can get notified via an email about your new product or article.

Local Holiday SEO

Target the local holiday to promote your products and get more customers.

Make graphics for all the public holidays and so that you can make ideas to promote your products.

Create Brand Identity

You need to focus on building your brand name. You just need to write a unique and awesome helpful article for people based on your niche. 

Content Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote your brands online.

You are promoting your local business so, you need to advertise your product on local media like Radio and roadside benches.

These kind of offline campaign increase mouth-to-mouth marketing and people become more keen to know about the brand by searching it on Google.

Create an event/contest or arrange niche based seminars

The event is a great idea to promote your local business. It can be in schools, colleges or on Facebook.

Sponsoring a Contest can be highly helpful to your brand if you are in a teenage niche. This type of contest has a huge power to create your brand go ‘viral’.

Answer People’s Questions

If you are a genius then you should answer people’s question in the forum. Where you can get your targeted audiences.

Go to Quora and show your expertise there.

Go to Yahoo Answers and help people that are relevant to your niche.

Analyze Your Competitors

Don’t forget about your competitor. Check out their strategy and other works. Stay active and manage to build trust and reputation from Google.

There have a million reasons to analysis your competitor.  This analysis will help you to decide what will be your next strategies and what your competitor doing to ranking first on search engines.

You just have to find who are your top 10 competitors on your local keyword, identify backlink, identify target amount of reviews and much more.

Check Webmaster Guidelines

Check webmaster guidelines offered by Google itself. Stay updated with Google. Read Google’s guideline and rules to be a trusted brand and find out the best exercises for improving a unique website.

Always aware of Google algorithm updates and change your website with the updates.

Analyze Content Issue

Check copyright from Copyscape and make sure your content is free from copyright. Make Quality Content always. Make sure you are adding quality content on your blog regularly and that follows an editorial calendar.

You need not spend too much money if you have quality contents on the blog. You just need to put there what people actually want.

Make videos

Make videos about your product and short description and other important information.

Share that video on YouTube, Dailymotion and in Vimeo. Links from Video Description carries some weight and the DA of the Video site will help your website or business rank slightly better.

Write a unique and descriptive title

You have to make a unique title for every page and make sure they are contained the important keyword and it should be 55 characters (with space).

This one is most important part of your blog. Just make sure your title contain the main keyword with city and state. And don’t forget to give it a professional look.

Research keywords

Find out the perfect keyword for your web page. If you fail to choose the right keywords for the business to put on your website; then you won’t be able to become success as you have to beat the wrong competitors for a long time.

Generate the perfect and right keyword which will be easy to rank.

To select the right keyword you can use Google keyword planner tool or Ahref Keyword Tool; where you will find monthly search volume and competition level.

Go for the Long-tail keywords those are easy to rank and will remain steady in the SERPs for a long time.

Optimize H Tags

Make sure your content is optimized with H tags, I mean to say, H1, H2, H3, tags. And don’t forget to add your main keyword, city or state on your H1 tag and have to make it natural.

Make Unique Landing Page

A unique and helpful content about your business can change your game for local SEO. And you have to make sure your content have right description and information.

Optimized Image

The optimized image will help you to crawl your images on search engines. You just need to add alt text tags on your image. On the other hand, it will help you to increase your page speed.

Create Backlinks

If you want to rank fast then you must create some valuable backlink to your website. After doing the on page right; backlinking is the best Local SEO strategy that you should go right after.

Don’t set backlink targets. Its because, Link building is an on-going process and you have to earn it along the way.

Use relevant sources to earn backlinks. On the long run, you have to collect some powerful backlinks and these have to be relevant to your business. If not, you won’t be able to rank your high traffic targeted pages due to insane competition. 

Another reason of getting Backlinks from trusted sources is – if you get backlinks from trusted sites then you site will be trustworthy to Google.

Be careful of paying people to link to your website. Be aware of involved in link networks. Earn unique and different types of backlinks from a wide range of IP addresses. Create backlinks to every page of your web page which one you want to rank on Google.

Analysis Competitors Backlinks and collect a list where you can also get links.

Always make the anchor texts variant. Get some anchored links. Remember, quality backlinks are the keywords comes from the link text (Anchor Text) from the relevant article.

This type of link is significant and it should be 15% of your total links.

Add internal link to your relevant pages on your website. Remove useless outbound links from your website. Only point outbound links if you think your visitors will find  the links helpful.

Leave comments on relevant websites and your link. And build trust and relationships with people.

Make connection with small businesses with relevant websites and get help.

You can write press releases to important news (Use Google Trend to get the niche related news at its first phase) and many time it may get viral.

Develop relationships with your customers. Offer some special award and call them about important events.

Add social sharing buttons  and add the share buttons in such a position of your website so that people can easily share your blogs and useful pages. 

Select the Right Language & hreflang Tag

If you are targeting local business then you should use the local language to promote your business.

If your local language is French; then use the hreflang tag format below in your header:

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="es" href="" />

Choose the Right Email Address While Sending Emails

There have thousands of reasons to choose domain email address but honestly, the first reason to me is that for legitimateness. If your domain name is then your email address should be [email protected], not like [email protected]. And use this account to register your business account on local business directories.


Here is an infographic about everything I have discussed above. Please check this and share with your colleagues.

local seo infographic

Do you want to have a clear PDF version of this infographic? Comment below. I will send you over email.

At the end, I hope this “Local SEO Implementation Guide” can provide you the great Local SEO strategy that will work for your business. You know there is thousands of strategies out there and I just tried to add the most important ones into this guide.

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