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Are you a savvy marketer? Do you like to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news in marketing?

Everyone keeps saying that digital marketing industry moves really fast. It’s true. With everything being fast-paced in the corporate world, it is likely to fall behind on the trends and news that could really make a difference in your career.

There are numerous marketing sites offering tips, how-to articles, and advice. But, sometimes finding websites that focus on latest trends, analyses is difficult. If you are a digital marketer, you can’t afford to fall behind. You may need to know about the latest Google algorithm change, effective inbound marketing techniques, etc. No matter what your needs are, there are sites to fill up your needs.

Marketing News Sites

In this article, I compiled 10 of the most important sources of the latest marketing news.

1.Search Engine Land:

If you’re in SEO, then you may be heard of Search Engine Land. Besides SEO, the website focuses on far more things. The website is extremely useful in keeping up-to-date with news on all the major search companies. You can valuable insights on developments related to the world of search. Whether you’re a content marketer or a search engine marketer, the website can help you keep tabs on search.

2.Marketing Land:

One of the world’s prominent marketing news site, Marketing Land can serve as one of your first stops for all break-neck changes in marketing. It focuses on high-quality, and impartial journalism. It provides thorough analyses of all the latest trends. You can stay up-to-date with Internet marketing news from around the world with Marketing Land.

3. Social Times:

The website can help you acquire the clear and broad overview of what’s happening in a variety of social media outlets. If you are an aspiring marketer learning the ropes of social media marketing, then you can keep this site bookmarked. Social times is a good source of high-quality, knowledgeable content.

4. Advertising Age

The site emphasizes on advertising news, but you can expect to have a broad overview of marketing world too. Advertising Age has the industry publication continue for a long time. But, when there’s a trend of everyone going digital, Advertising Age went digital too. The site focuses on what’s happening online. Furthermore, you can get valuable insights on media, and marketing from the site.

5. Search Engine Journal:

The website started its journey as a diverse and dedicated blog. But, it now evolved into a reliable source of digital marketing news. You can also have the clear understanding of social, SEO and content from the site. The website hosts the popular Search Engine Journal Summit too. You can also subscribe to the website’s Marketing Nerds podcast that focuses on entertaining and informative marketing information.

6. ClickZ:

The website contains one of the largest databases of marketing news and resources. You can find numerous marketing news articles from the website. ClickZ is popular for its thoroughly researched facts. You can get reliable figures from the site as well. The site regularly publishes tips and advice from marketing leaders.

7. Marketing Today

The site is an excellent source of marketing tips and advice. You can have access to plenty of informative articles written by experts in their marketing fields. No matter what you are in, be it search engine marketing, tradeshow marketing or internet marketing, you can sure find ample information from that site.

8. Alltop:

The site proudly boasts valuable information on every possible topic you can imagine. The site also hosts popular stories and news from some of the most prominent websites and blogs on the web.

9. Search Engine Watch:

It’s a must-read website for the marketers that want to up their search engine strategies. The site provides thorough analyses and expert views on the latest trends and the topics that are making headlines in the world of the search engine. It contains numerous how-to articles on a variety of search engine related topics.

10. Moz:

Anybody kept tabs on the progress of the digital marketing will recognize Moz’s participation along with it. The website is one of the most reputable websites in the digital marketing industry. It publishes informative and valuable articles on a wide range of topics.

Bottom Line – Staying on top of marketing news is a requirement for digital marketers. Firms hire executives that are curious, learned and inquisitive. Your hunger to learn can determine your career’s success. And, there’s no alternative to keeping updated with industry news and trends. So, make sure you stay updated with all the marketing news sites listed above.

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