I have recently started using Pinterest by reading some of the successful case studies and wanted to give Pinterest a try after their recent algorithmic changes. 

It’s because, I can easily treat Pinterest as a search engine, and besides Google; they can drive an insane amount of US Traffics if done right, especially in 2020.  Studies show that the affiliate marketers and bloggers are using Pinterest more often these days as Facebook Traffic became expensive already and doesn’t convert as before. 

In the process; I slowly started having the cream of Pins and Re-pins. 

And, one of my business account got blocked couple of months ago and I successfully recovered that; but still I think we do mistakes often unknowingly while promoting stuff on the Pinterest platform. 

Let’s find all the common mistakes we do and what Pinterest Community Guidelines have to do with that and what we shouldn’t be doing from now on (to stay at the safe side following their privacy policy, rules-regulations and TOS). 

Content or Pin Guidelines

  1. Publishing content that is explicit, harmful for the society and people, violent, misleading or affect the people negatively are completely disallowed on Pinterest. If you publish or pin any of those contents; they will be removed or limited. 
  2. Sexual activity, nudity, or pornographic contents can not be shared on Pinterest. 
  3. Hunting or endangered wildlife products, illegal trading like human trafficking or commercial exploitation related content will be removed or limited (your website links can be blocked as well). 
  4. Conspiracy theories, hate speech, racism, prejudice, mocking, or attacking someone’s belief with your content is completely unacceptable in Pinterest, and doing so, might get your account blocked or banned. 
  5. You can’t pin misinformation or misleading content that harms people’s health. Even you can’t pin about false cures, anti-vaccination advice, or anything that involves public health. 
  6. Any kind of harmful promotion that is factually incorrect and affects the voting or election’s integrity. 
  7. Mocking or commenting about people for their bodies, recent loss, or anything that people find insulting is not allowed on Pinterest. 
  8. Sharing anyone’s private information like National ID, Passport ID, Phone Number or Private Photos, Cracked serial numbers of login info like username and passwords, and financial statement of anybody you know without their consent. If you do so, your Pinterest account can be suspended without any prior notice. 
  9. You can’t share any quotes or images or sayings that entice people to self-harm, suicide or to become destructive. 
  10. Publishing content that is explicit and promotes violence is not allowed in Pinterest. 
  11. Content that promotes extremists, terrorists, criminals, and drug/weapon dealers is not allowed and your whole Pinterest account can get closed. 
  12. Pins that covers drug trading, weapons, or illegal pharmacies or toxic materials will be removed and banned. 

Copyright or Asset Guidelines

  1. You can’t use Pinterest logo or their name in a way so that people think about your PIN that its made by Pinterest officially
  2. You can’t promote other people’s asset or image or any kind of copyrighted material without written permission. Or you can get sued and your account would be blocked. 

Pinterest Spam or Automation Guideline

  1. Don’t pin images from any spammy websites. You should double-check any link before you pin an image from that. Because links that lead to a spammy website can cause your Pinterest account banned. 
  2. Mass account creation or mass publishing using automated software ( Pinterest has their partners for that) or mass following or pinning or scraping the Pinterest violates the Terms and Conditions of Pinterest. 
  3. Adding or stuffing pin description with irrelevant keywords or using fake accounts violates the FTC law which Pinterest doesn’t tolerate as well. 

Is there anything I missed to include? 

You can check Pinterest’s own policies and guidelines here –

Please comment and do let me know so that I can update this post. 

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