What if you could expose your products/service to nearly a million viewers monthly?

As a B2B marketer, there’s nothing you could prefer to building substantial connections, then generating conversions.

Today I’m going to let you in on a secret platform that’s yet largely unexplored by novice marketers, but whoever utilized this platform is reaping benefits.

Keep reading this guide and I’m gonna make sure that you aren’t left out either. 

So, what is the platform I was talking about?

Yes, it is Quora.

You know the site you sometimes visit after Googling questions?

quora marketing

Quora is such a platform that thousands of marketers can find out numerous business leaders, curious students, powerful investors and they easily engage with each other. And, it’s all happening under one roof; Quora!

What You Will Learn from This Guide

  • What Quora is?
  • How Quora can benefit you?
  • How you can create and optimize your Quora profile?
  • How you can utilize Quora for finding and building your audience?
  • How to use Quora for marketing your brand or companies?

Okay, understood the gist of this guide?

Let’s expand the discussion and learn how you can master Quora, from creating a perfect Quora profile to becoming a power-username:

What Is Quora?

Quora is a social Q&A platform. Founded by a Facebook CTO, Adam D’Angelo, it was launched in 2009. Since then, it has soared in popularity and now amassed 100 million monthly unique users across the globe.

It is designed in a way, so that people can ask questions and at the same time answer questions. You may be familiar with platforms like Yahoo! Answers and Ask.com.

But, what distinguishes Quora from others is that it’s a community-based, easy-to-use, Q&A service built on a social-media backbone. Quora is free to use and many powerful individuals like Mark Cuban, Matt Mullenweg have used Quora to respond to questions. Even former US President Barack Obama is not far from this. Overall anyone can find answers on any topics on Quora.

Since it’s a platform that wants to promote knowledge by engaging and helping people build community, it has the benefit of upvotes and downvotes. You can upvote any answer that you find helpful. On the contrary, you can downvote too.

Each user on Quora has a personal profile to manage. By browsing the profile of a certain user, you can find out the number of answers the person gave, their description and recent activity.    

Why is Quora a Gold for Marketers?

Generating and driving traffic to a website is one of the major challenges that a content marketer has to face.

No matter what your niche or industry is, there are countless numbers of websites dealing with similar topics and vying for the same thing; traffic.

So, if you want to dissuade your competitors’ traffic and redirect them to your website, you have to convince them that yours is the best and a useful one.

But, Quora is not some advertising platform. It offers powerful resources to build authority and generate brand awareness.


It’s estimated that as of September 2015, Quora has more than 100 million unique monthly visitors worldwide. This staggering number of people offers a huge potential for marketers.

Since the users are mostly well-intentioned enthusiasts, educating them about your products/services can associate positive awareness with your brand.

Popular blog sites like the KISSmetrics and dlvrit recognize the power of Quora. And, they seem to agree on Quora being an excellent platform on:

  • Building expertise and your authority on almost any topic
  • Getting insights and learning from others — users, fellow marketers, business leaders, high-profile investors
  • Responding to queries about your products
  • Sharing content from your or other websites

How to Get Started with Quora?

Creating and Optimizing a Quora Profile

So, before you embark on your journey to answer questions and build your presence on Quora, you need to create a profile. You can either sign up for Quora using your Facebook or Twitter account, or create an individual account.

quora profile

Either way your profile will represent your brand. So, you need to create as informative and legit as possible.

To add more information, just click on your name located in the top menu bar. Then, click on the Edit links to include your profile content and headline.

You should also add your main website’s links to the profile. This could lead traffic to your website from Quora.  Check my profile here as seen as the image below and decorate yours.

quora profile creation

Profile Startup Checklist

Set up your own image as Profile Picture if you want to interact with your followers and fans. If you create an account with your business name, use its logo.

  • Add concise description about what what you do and who you are.
  • Add links to your other social profiles and your website. Check the image above. 
  • Add multiple bios of your brand. It will strengthen your brand’s name.
  • Integrate your Quora profile with other social media accounts.social buttons on quora marketingTip from Expert:

“Use your real name, mention your business, and have a full, succinct profile. Quora, like Twitter, is not a social network where you follow friends a la Facebook, but rather, you should follow thought-leaders in your industry, colleagues, competitors, and anyone else who is making contributions that seem interesting.” ~Alexander Niehenke, associate at San Francisco venture capital firm Crosslink Capital

Tracking & Following Topics

Once you finished creating your profile, you may want to start tracking topics to follow.

It’s one of Quora’s best benefits that market researching with it is fun. You can get insights on what people are asking about your industry. You can have relevant questions and answers delivered right to your inbox every day.

To start tracking, you just need to type in the topic you’d like to follow to Quora’s search box.

keywords research on quora

You’ll be presented with a list of auto-completed suggestions. Click on one of those topics and you’ll see an expanded list of relevant topics.

To set up tracking topics with notifications, you just need to click on the Follow Topic button.

quora topics for marketing

Also, if you want to have latest questions delivered to your inbox, just click on the Settings button and change the Email Settings to On to the contents tab that you want to get delivered directly to your email.

What kind of Quora Questions & Trendy Contents you want to have its early stage? Grab’em all (Quora Digests, Feed Contents & Topic Gatherings) and put your foots there.

quora topics marketing

Land on the questions to your industry early, provide value by answering there like a pro and you will see how fruitful just one informative answer can be.

You have learned the basics and hope already set your profile up.

Good to go…lets move on for advanced stuff…..

How to Build your Audience on Quora

Say, you’re a cameras & photography equipment dealer trying to attract more traffic to your website. So, you can increase conversion rate. To find potential customers on Quora, consider going through these three starting points:

Amateur photographers interested in anything photography-related – may not make a purchase right away, but likely to hang around if they find your website content interesting.

People who are interested in camera equipments – photography is a equipment-driven skill. So, there will always be people trying to enhance their skill. They might be interested in what you have to offer.

People who are already aware of your products – likely to upgrade their arsenal. They could turn into substantial leads and customers.

Now how you can encourage those people to visit your website?

Type “camera accessories” or “DSLR cameras” in the search bar. Since your ultimate goal is to convert, you might be allured to post comments promoting your products. This tactic hardly builds leads and can damage your brand’s reputation.

Instead, try writing informative, concise answers that deal with problem-solving points. Remember, most people visit Quora to find solutions to their problem.

So, it’s time for you to prove why your brand can aid them in solving and how your products are the ones they are looking for. Check the image below and see how this man is helping the other man and referring his own product:

quora answer format

Post answers that can explain to them why your products are an excellent solution.

Inform them of the mechanism behind the products and how your camera equipments are the right tools to capture a moment in time.

If you want to build your audience faster, then look for questions that have fewer answers, but have more followers.

If you find a question that requires broader explanation, then write a blog post responding to it and encourage people to view the full article on your blog. Remember, do not spam and write coherent, short answers on Quora first, then include links.

How to Market your Business on Quora

Besides answering people’s questions, there’s another way you can adopt to promote your business on Quora.

Quora is an excellent marketing platform not only for self-promotion, but also for generating brand awareness.

To utilize Quora for marketing, start off with a page solely for your business. The page can concern your business/website. You can create pages just about anything on Quora. It’s free and amplifies your brand’s visibility. Now follow the steps listed below to make a footstep of your brands on Quora:

Step 01 – let’s say, your company’s name is “Spectrum Brilliance”. Search Quora by Spectrum Brilliance. If nothing pops up, click on Search.

Step 02 – now click on Topic on the right side.

create topics on quora

Step 03 – if you don’t find any topic related to your query, click on “Create Topic”.

Step 04 – write a compelling description for the topic.

Step 05 – add a profile picture, and a logo, describe your company’s story, and include links to your website.

After following the steps listed above carefully, you must be wondering how you can get your topic live. Yes, getting people to ask questions in your topic is a simple process. Just follow the steps described as follows:

Share & Share – share your topic on various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and inform your friends that they now can ask you questions on Quora. Requesting questions sometime make people nervous. So, make sure your followers feel welcome and supported.

Email your Followers – you may have an email list of people that could be interested in your project and some of them may not have a social-media profile. So, emailing them is also an excellent way to get them talking.

Include the Topic you host on Contact page – the people visiting your Contact page have questions in their mind and they want your response. So, adding the Topic on Contact inform people that you already have a Topic up and running to respond to their queries.

“Don’t try and market your site or product—put information about what you are working on, what you own, etc., in your bio/profile, but don’t market it unless there is a specific situation that it adds value. Figure out how to give back to the community.” ~Marc Gayle , founder of CompVersions.com

Bottom Line – according to the Huffington Post, Quora hosts discussions participated by most of the top brands. It is estimated that 84% of the top 100 brands are discussed on at least one discussion thread.

So, Quora is an excellent platform to generate awareness about your brand and share knowledge about your products.

Hence, make sure your Quora profile is complete and professional. Also, follow this guide for marketing, regularly host discussions on popular topics in your industry and communicate.

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