Are you looking for a great platform to monitor organic and paid search?

Do you want to be able to track rank, market share, keyword reach, trademark use and ad copy easily?

As someone who is involved with digital marketing for a long time, I wanted to be able to boost efficiency of my business. Being able to perform such tasks involves monitoring brand, competitive intelligence, organic search, etc. You’re bound to get overwhelmed.

Sit back; relax, because I’m going to introduce you to one such great platform that will streamline all those activities. Moreover, it will introduce such speed and efficiency to your digital marketing campaign that you were never aware of!

So, what platform am I talking about?

I am talking about the Search Monitor. It is a great platform for any digital marketing campaign.

Let’s find out more about it.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

  • What Is The Search Monitor?
  • Why Should You Use the Search Monitor?
  • Basic Features of the Search Monitor
  • Pricing & Packages

Let’s explore each of these topics in depth:

What Is The Search Monitor?

The Search Monitor is an online-based intelligence platform. It allows you to generate real-time competitive intelligence to track and monitor trademark and brand use. Furthermore, you can monitor competitive advertisers on paid search, mobile, display ads, affiliate compliance and shopping engines.

Why Should You Use the Search Monitor?

The Search Monitor is a platform that you can integrate with your business to monitor trademark and brand use, and keep an eye on your competitors as well. The platform is really a popular one among digital marketers and businesses alike.

Each business has different requirements. Yours also have certain needs. When it comes to selecting a software application for monitoring and tracking purpose, you have to choose one that can be easily customized. Any software application that can be configured easily caters to your specific needs.

For this reason, the Search Monitor is easily customizable and configurable. So, if you’re worrying about the software application being capable of being easily customizable, you can stop worrying.

You should use the Search Monitor because:

  • It enables businesses to monitor trademark usage, ad content for compliance and competitive insights.
  • It digs deep into search engines and filters affiliates for compliance in connection with rank, direct-linking rules and keyword bidding restrictions.
  • The Search Monitors checks whether keywords or trademarks are appropriate in ad copy
  • It determines which phrases and keywords can have the most marketability
  • It can boost your overall growth and efficiency

Basic Features of the Search Monitor

  • Geo-Targeting: geo-targeting is a valuable feature. With this tool, you can geo-target from any city, state, country in the world and in any language.
  • Reporting: the Search Monitor has automated templates that quickly inform the search engine of violations.
  • Custom Keywords: you can enter keywords of your choice. Alternatively, the Search Monitor has a vast collection of keywords, called the Lighthouse Library. You can use the library to get access to 1,200+ keywords.
  • Alert: the Search Monitor delivers alerts to you if marketing partners break one of your rules. You can receive alerts on new ad opportunities.
  • Crawling: with the Search Monitor, you can crawl through web pages per hour to get updated on every violation and advertising insight.
  • Ads on Various Platforms: with the Search Monitor, you can track and monitor ads published on mobile devices, desktops, including in-app mobile.

Pricing & Packages

Described here are the plans offered by the Search Monitor. Each of these plans is Affiliate and TM compliant. And, each is infused with SEM, SEO and PLA intelligence.


*includes 100 keywords

$399 /month

*includes 250 keywords

$599 /month

*includes 500 keywords

$899 /month


If you are involved with SEO and SEM tasks, then you must explore the Search Monitor. It is a great tool that saved me tons of time by allowing me to implement a data driven system for monitoring ad content for compliance competitive insights and trademark usage. I am really satisfied with the usability of the Search Monitor.


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