Are you a digital marketer?

Pretty overwhelmed with all the social media accounts?

But, you don’t want to miss a single thing about your brand trending on social networking sites?

If all these questions produce an affirmative response, then keep reading the article. Because I have got not one, but 25 amazing solutions for you!

Attempting to juggle all your social media accounts can be painstaking, somewhat scary and time-consuming. But, you can’t afford to miss out on social conversations. Since they provide valuable insights to your marketing effort and help you structure your business plans accordingly.

So, what to do?

Simply install social media monitoring tools and chill.

Wait, what’s a social media monitoring tool?

Social media monitoring tools help you track social media channels, gain valuable insights about your competitors or other topics of interest. By analyzing all the data, you can develop your social media strategies.

Let’s find what tools can actually help you do so:

1. HootSuite

It is one of the best social media monitoring tools. Used by thousands of digital marketers, it will help you manage a wide range of social media channels, such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+, etc. The tool allows you to design each keyword you want to track with a live stream. It is also a useful tool for social teams, since you can assign team members to posts and flag them.

2. TweetReach

Interested in knowing how extensive your tweets are? Then, this tool is an effective one for monitoring social media discussions. Analyzing TweetReach data, you can find out who your most influential followers are and determine your target audience.

3. SocialMention

Finding your brand’s strength, mentions and interactions has never been easier. The tool has a pretty straightforward visual format. All you need to do is type in the name and click on Search to find out the links to your mentions. You can narrow down your search by timeframe or source.

4. Mention

The tool comes in 42 languages and allows you to track millions of sources right when they are happening. Mention helps you discern the data that concerns your brand and export the stats to PDF or CSV. It is a great alternative to Google Alerts, which is replaced by Mention.

5. Klout

It generated much controversy over its effectiveness. It is equally disliked and liked. Anyways, the tool remains popular, since it allows every individual to measure and leverage their influence. You can get valuable insights on your top influencers with Klout.

6. Twazzup

The name is catchy, isn’t it? It is a great social media tool for beginners who want to up their Tweeting quickly. Just simply type in your name you want to track and you will get real time updates. Top 10 relevant to your search, information on top influencers, retweeted photos and links will keep you ahead.

7. Addictomatic

If you want to get overall data on your brand’s progress, Addictomatic can be as useful and convenient as Twazzup. What sets Addictomatic apart is that you can actually track conversations on a variety of platforms with it, such as: YouTube, WordPress, Delicious, Google, etc. You can monitor your brand’s progress with Addictomatic.

8. HowSociable

It is an effective tool you can utilize to measure your social media presence. You can also analyze your competitors’ social media presence as well with it. With a free account on HowSociable will get you started for 12 social sites, such as: WordPress and Tumblr. And, a pro account will give you access to 24 or more social sites.

9. TalkWalker

The tool offers valuable information on your brand mentions and also highlights the sources where these mentions are made. Upon setting up a search query for your keyword or phrase, you will learn about how your brand is performing, the engagement levels and influencers. You can narrow down your search further by type, language, frequency and quantity.

10. Topsy

The tool juggles your effort to monitor brand mentions and track top conversations trending online. You can narrow down your search by photos, links, tweets, influencers, etc. This tool is highly beneficial if you have tons of content to look through.

11. PinAlerts

This tool is designed specially for Pinterest. With this tool, you can keep tabs on conversation hosted by people who shared your pins. The tool tracks links to pins from your website and notifies you of pins related to your site.

12. BrandWatch

BrandWatch examines over 80 million sources and collects data relevant to your search. The 80 million sources concern a wide range of blogging sites, forums, news sources, popular social media platforms, such as: Facebook.

13. Buzzsumo

The tool is pretty exceptional and useful. You can measure how viral a content piece is and track who is sharing the piece. Upon entering a term, you’ll be able to rank related URLs by social share counts. You will also be able to learn about the users who tweeted the content piece. As Buzzsumo is a paid tool, you can use some Buzzsumo alternatives that will also work almost same.

14. CyberAlert

Mainstream news outlets can offer necessary information on trending topics. And, using this tool, you can monitor mainstream news. The tool skims through 60,000 online news sources from your keyword mentions. CyberAlert examines keyword mentions in more than 250 languages.

15. DigiMind

Another tool specialized to track major news outlets. It measures sentiment and determines the standard of the mentioned keyword. You can check whether the performance of the keyword is positive, neutral or negative.

16. IceRocket

The tool is so popular due to a wide range of filters you can utilize to narrow down the keywords most relevant to your search. Domain, language, publishing date, author are a few filters. Just perform a new search operation every time you want an update. And, IceRocket will present valuable information.

17. Little Bird

Use this tool to eavesdrop on close-knit social media networks. You can tap into a range of conversations your influencers are having about a related keyword. Who doesn’t like heralding the upcoming social trends? And, this tool allows you to identify them before a topic becomes popular.

18. NetBase

Want to catch the bigger fish? Try this tool to target enterprise-range brands and agencies. You can analyze and get insights on social media posts in 42 languages. So, it’s totally diverse! Its post-processing speed is much higher. It goes through social media posts nine-times faster. Its accuracy rate is also 50 to 70% higher than other tools.

19. Nuvi

Use this tool to find real-time data from the top social networks. The tool examines 4 million RSS feeds to derive your desired data. The tool is equipped with an alert system that notifies you of large dips or spikes in keyword use.

20. SharedCount

The tool processes more than a billion requests per month. Using this tool, you can determine the popularity of a content piece. Just simply paste a URL into the search bar and you will find data on how many likes and shares the post has generated on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

21. Sznthesio

Another social media tool to fry the bigger fish. It focuses on enterprise-range brands and agencies. You can derive data on mentions from more than 195 countries and 100,000 websites. No matter where your niche is located, South America, China, Russia or the Middle East, you can receive data on your keywords.

22. Sysomos

Sysomos has a special tool called “Heartbeat” that allows the user to analyze up to two years of historical data. Moreover, you can review real-time conversations too. It looks through major social media platforms, blogs and news media outlets. You can put different conversations in comparison with each other.

23. Trackur

The tool allows you to create different custom social listening feeds. While tracking mentions on blogging sites, forums, social networking sites, you can narrow down the results with a wide range of filters like country and other criteria. By assigning scores to the people talking about your brand with Trackur, you can find out who your top influencers are.

24. CrowdFire

It’s a very useful tool for Twitter users. You can grow your followers’ base on Twitter using this tool. Features like Copy followers, Keyword Follow allow you to find followers relevant to your brand. You can also schedule Tweet publishing time with it. If you wish to take action on inactive followers, then this tool will allow you to learn about them. Auto-Direct Message allows you to engage with new followers.

25. BackTweets

Relive the past with this tool. Using BackTweets, you can go through your Tweet history and find out the Tweets that link back to your site. This tool allows you to search through Tweet Archive for URLs sent via Twitter.

Bottom Line – the key to becoming successful in the social media realm is tracking your audience and listening to what they have to say about your brand. To understand what people are saying, you need to observe them quietly, learn about their needs and engage in conversation. This article includes the top 25 tools that will help you achieve those objectives. So, go through the list and find one suitable to your need.


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