I spend a lot of time building links.

And as an SEO, I am sure, you are spending most of your time finding link sources, prospecting, and outreaching for high-quality links.

Besides link building, I have to spend a lot of time and money on Content writing as well. If you want to get a link, you need to publish a content somewhere.

No matter, what is the Tier you are targeting right now; you still need content. The quality can be compromised in Tier 2 and Tier 3, but I had to outsource the Tier 3 contents as well as I can’t but manage the time to write them myself.

So, I decided to give a try to Spin Rewriter 9.0 a couple of days ago to maintain and take care of my Tier 2-3 contents.

I found some good reviews about them online and bought the monthly package. Which is $47 and I had an intention to give it a try and if it seems working well; I would eventually convert to the Lifetime package which is $497.

Anyways, I made the payment, set everything up and wanted to give it a try.

I fetched an article, spun it and wanted to export.

But it just freezes.

I restarted the page and again fetched the article and spun and tried to export.

Again, I failed to export.

I heard from different reviews that; they are great in Customer Support.

I tried almost all the possible ways to contact their support. But the message button on their support page is not working at all.

Then I went to my Gmail where they sent some preliminary email after I bought the package and trying to reply here.

Here are their info email and my message –

See, I sent the email to them 19 hours ago and no replies so far.

Nobody in this world can wait so long for a software to work online after paying it last night.

I waited another day and wanted to give it another try.

This time, the website is not working.

I cleared my caches, cookies and all of their data on my browser but the site is not loading up.

I even tried with a premium VPN (though my local IP is guilty) but the site seems down.

So, what I am gonna do?

I am going to ask for a refund now after publishing this article. Hope the refund process will be easier. I will update this post if any worst happens.

What is your take?

Don’t just go for the tool based on their marketing hype. Even public reviews can be manipulated (which I think they are best in).

What is your thought about it?

Have you used Spin Rewriter ever and what is your experience?

I can’t review this tool as I couldn’t make it work for me. But their support and initial expression can be rated at 1 out of 10.

What is my take?

I have wasted a couple of my valuable hours in this bullshit! Period.

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