Whether we are a Webmaster or an SEO Expert managing clients or own websites or have a YouTube channel or some pages on social media websites; we all are to deal with spam comments, everywhere in web space.

I mean, comment spammers are all over the Internet. With due respect to the good commenters (who really adds value and genuinely ask questions/share opinions on comments), its really a high time to stop those spammers and keep the internet neat & clean. Because it’s easy to stop those junks in 2019 as lots of plugins, hacks and tweaking WordPress codes available!

What is a spam comment?

A comment is considered as spam only when it doesn’t adds value to the page where it was published or it made no sense based on the topic or context of the website but just to stuffing website links everywhere of webspace.

How to stop this comment spam and the spammers?

Here is a step by step guideline to preventing comment spam (for WordPress Site)!

Step 01: Install Akismet Plugin and connect with their API to block the spam comments automatically.

Step 02: Go to the settings from WordPress Dashboard and click on discussions tab and “Check” mark on following options –

  • Comment author must fill out name and email 
  • A comment is held for moderation
  • Comment must be manually approved 

Checking those options will definitely reduce spam commenting as the spam bots look for the pages/websites those have these options unchecked. Now scroll below the discussion page and proceed to step 3.

Step 03: Go to the comment moderation section and set the value 1 to the line at “Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 1 or more links.” If you set 1, and if anyone wants to publish any comment with any links on the comment body; their comment will automatically be detected as spam and will be thrown away to the spam folder.

Step 04: Add some spammy words on the comment backlist section. Okay, what should you be adding there? Here are some suggestions (based on my experiences about dealing with all those spammers throughout the years) –

  • porn
  • adult
  • gambling
  • lottery
  • sex
  • livecam
  • hdcam streaming
  • lesbian
  • weapon

Step 05: Use Google’s Recaptcha in your comment box (you can do it using a plugin). Follow the link above and download the plugin and install it on your blog. Just go to the plugin setting and run their installation wizard to get the Google’s recaptcha api and integrate it on your site. Its so easy to follow and require couple of minutes to get it done.

I personally follow these steps on every websites/blogs I own and I am pretty much safe from comment spammers no matter how expensive bot they use. 🙂

Hope, you will find this tutorial useful. Keep spreading the knowledge. 🙂

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