In a fast-evolving eCommerce climate; business types, organization forms, and structures are subject to change. You cannot just be stuck with a form, and expect boost. However, one thing always occupies an inbound marketer’s task list: creating new content. No matter what business form is currently hype, content building is always a priority.

Any arbitrary content may not help, relevant, and valuable content delivered to your customers generate brand awareness. Brand awareness is an objective a marketer must fulfill. To make your content look appealing, there are three things you consider in equal measures: Attractive Content, Attractive Layout, and Attractive Writing.

The two of those three can even make emerging companies boom. The very first step you should take toward improving your marketing approach is content. However, it is increasingly becoming difficult to raise brand awareness in an environment when even the loudest shouter is not clearly heard anymore.

Statistics show aesthetic, fresh, and attractive layout, and content attract the right audience, and gain their loyalty. What approach should you take? What cog do you need to throw in the mix? Fortunately, there are tools available on the market that can help you create attractive page layouts easily. With the right marketing tools and tricks, even the most dull companies can create attractive content. Today I am going to talk about one such tool. And, it is Thrive Content Builder.

What You Learn From This Review

  • Thrive Content Builder’s Introduction
  • TCB’s Functionality
  • Getting Started with TCB
  • Features & Elements of TCB
  • Pros & Cons of TCB

What’s ThriveContent to Begin with?

Thrive Content Builder is a WYSIWYG, and a plugin. Thrive Content Builder allows you to create any page layout that you can think of, simply by applying drag-and-drop feature. Thrive Content Builder is the best content builder available on the market. If you have Thrive Content Builder installed on your WordPress-hosted website, you would not look for any other tool — no other alternative can even come close to Thrive Content Builder.

How can Thrive Content Builder benefit me?

Do you want the easiest way possible to customize your website? That is where Thrive Content Builder comes handy. Thrive Content Builder allows you to create, edit, and customize your website layout without having to write a single line of code. Many WordPress newbies, or busy WordPress veterans may find it difficult, or time-consuming to change, or customize page layouts. After all they can be extremely hard to customize for those who are not that knowledgeable about HTML, and CSS. Even if you know how to code, Thrive Content Builder allows you to create pages a lot faster. When customizing with ThriveContent, you get to see a live preview; meaning you will build content in real time as you add elements by dropping them from the right sidebar. Thus, your page appears at the users end exactly how you see it during the customization process. While, the classic WordPress editor does not have such live preview feature.

What can I do with Thrive Content Builder?

Thrive Content Builder has a plethora of modules, and options which you can use for posts and pages. Its several modules you can use just by adding element. ThriveContent altogether comes with click to edit feature. This allows you to just edit the component by clicking on it, and you are ready to roll. So, you can drag and drop elements to create, and customize attractive content boxes, modern aesthetic pricing tables, countdown timer, responsive ready font icons, list building, call to action, content grids, and many more.

OK, how can I get started with Thrive Content Builder?

First of all, you need to download Thrive Content Builder Plugin from its official website. It will cost you $67/lifetime for a single license. Once you downloaded TCB, you need to upload its zip file. To upload –

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Then, upload the zip file

After finishing the installation, activate the plugin under the License Manager. Once activated, TCB is now ready for content customization.

What does TCB zip?

Thrive Content Builder comes packed with lots of features, and is made of several modules. Thrive Content Builder is a fairly tangled product. I use TCB mainly for creating attractive posts, and landing pages. As I discussed above how good-looking layouts can help boost your conversion rate. Now, let’s take a look at the contents of TCB.

Thrive Content Builder Visual Editor

The first and foremost thing that most ThriveContent fans utilize it for is creating well-manicured content. While additional information is helpful, well-designed content is more attractive, and easier on the eye. It determines your site’s ability to stand out from the crowd. TCB’s Visual Editor allows you to customize every component on your site without coding experience. TCB arranged the plethora of elements on the right sidebar. The availability of so many elements can work as Swiss Army Knife that you may have to deactivate many other plugins.

TCB’s drag and drop interface feels natural. The visual editor has intuitive functionality to show you where you can drop the elements without a learning curve. Selecting, and dropping elements consume zero loading time. The Visual Editor is super easy to use, and handle that newbies as well as the advanced users will find it extremely helpful in creating a custom design for their sites.

Features & Elements

There are many eye-catching elements included in the TCB. You can drag and drop these elements anywhere in your page layout. I compiled some of those elements, and discussed their functionality as these will provide you an euphoric experience with the TCB.

  • Image Borders – you may have been confronted with bordering an image, and ended up using a third part plugin for the border. With TCB’s built-in image border styles, you can showcase your images that are easy on the eye too. TCB offers 9 different styles of image border.
  • Buttons – people use the button element very often, since buttons are the most popular option for a call to action element. However, the button element now serves many purposes. You can use the button element from hosting partner links to triggering a light box. TCB comes with 6 different styles of buttons. Apart from customizable sizes, you can change the button shapes by choosing from six shapes — from small to full width.

Steps to use buttons

  • From your right hand side, locate ‘Button’ from TCB’s overlay, then drag the Button module, and drop it where you want to use it
  • You can edit various settings like Button Color, Button Style, Button Size and Width Button, Button Text and Link, Margins and Padding, Show Credit Card Icons, and so on.
  • Icons – icons make your page look visually pleasing. TCB has over 100’s icons in its stock to choose from. You can use, and adjust the icons’ size as well. Icons, however, do not come default. You need to import them from a third-party website. You can download the entire icon set from, then upload them into your plugin.
  • Highly Customizable Colors & Margins – most other editors have little or no control over margins — like placing elements left and right, then unable to control the white space in between.  This thing stressed me a lot. Finally once I switched to TCB, my issue is solved. TCB offers complete options over imput margins, padding on each element, which allows you to control elements, and spacing. Each element color can also be edited to be in parallel with the look and feel of your site.
  • Credit Card Icons – have any products for sales? Then, you need to create ways to complete transaction. TCB offers credit card icons that you can attach with your site. Your customers can easily make purchases from clicking on those icons.
  • Star Ratings – wrote an epic review, but didn’t provide scope for evaluation — your review may not get enough attention. Star Ratings visually represent the quality of a product/service. Include Star Ratings on your site that will help customers/readers choose the most popular content. You can choose between 1-20 stars. The Rating feature is extremely flexible. You can create Ratings based on fractions too, like 3.56 stars.
  • Shortcodes – before being introduced with TCB, I wanted to form column-based tables, so I could compare multiple products. Ever since I became familiar with TCB, I achieved proficiency in creating columns. Wanna know how I did it with TCB?
  • Go to TCB overlay
  • Click on ‘Column Layout’ module
  • Drag and drop the column module on your article

There are many column layouts to choose from — 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc. Once chosen, you can customize the table as per your needs. If you were to form these columns using CSS, and HTML, it would take at least 10 minutes. However, with TCB, it will be 15 seconds tops.

  • Highlighting Important Content – if you want to highlight a certain part of content, you can do so with Content Boxes in TCB. Content Boxes offer two variations – 1. With headline 2. Without headline. Both these variations can again be expanded to 3 different styles. It is not over yet! TCB has Symbol Boxes to showcase important points in your articles, or best features in your product or services.
  • User Testimonials – Thrive Content Builder offers 5 testimonial template styles for image-based testimonials. You can attach the image of the person who rated, and provided a testimonial. There are 4 testimonial template styles for without image testimonials. These testimonials can be attached anywhere. These testimonial boxes come handy when mentioning your visitors’ remarks about your work. 

Steps to Add Testimonials

  • Click on Testimonial from the Thrive Content overlay
  • Choose your style from the predefined styles
  • A testimonial template will be attached to your page
  • Click on the element to change the background image and color
  • Don’t click on the text. Text editor will appear if you do so.
  • Style Families – you can choose between 3 different style families. They are: Flat, Classy, and Minimal. Not all websites look similar. You may have created a website offering only one variation of each element. This will make your website look dull. However, TCB offers a system of style families from which you can choose a theme for your page, and customize the elements accordingly. For example – if you want to display pricing structures of your product, you can do so with three different styles of Pricing Table.
  • Thrive Landing Pages – a landing page is the web page that your customer/visitor “land” on. Landing pages are very important for guiding your visitors toward your intended conversion goal. Thrive Content Builder is not just a tool that you can use for creating attractive blog posts, you can also utilize it for PPC (pay-per-click), and email campaigns. Landing pages are extremely useful in driving sales, as they offer your customers distraction-free experience, so they can easily review your product/service, and make a purchase. Thrive Content Builder offers a number of feature-packed options for creating gorgeous pages. It also offers lots of ready-to-use templates that you can use or customize. The Thrive Content Landing Page Editor has more than 100 templates to choose from.

Review Summary

Product – Thrive Content Builder

Product Type – WordPress Content Editor

Pricing  $67 for single site

                 $97 for unlimited sites


  • The best, and easiest drag & drop WordPress post and pages editor
  • Replaces a plethora of plugins
  • Visually pleasing content design
  • Hundreds of unique intuitive elements
  • Has a revision manager to rectify mistakes
  • Excellent landing page engine and generator
  • A call to action pop up plugin for boosting conversion
  • Great split testing engine


  • Limited customization options for some elements
  • Website length shrinks while editing

The Wrap Up – TCB is by far the best content editor on the market. You have a responsive drag & drop interface to create and customize layouts in a breeze. TCB has been a great platform for offering feature-packed, flexible WordPress resources. All of TCB’s elements and features are intended to increase your conversion rate. If someone asked me for one tool to refer to after building a WordPress website, I’d recommend TCB with a swing of a bat. 

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