Do you want to rank above your competitors in Google? Especially in this 2017 or in upcoming 2018 or beyond?

Are you wondering what factors could help you rank above your competition on Google?

Stick with me.

I am going to reveal my secret sauces with you!

From the inception of Google, the search engine giant offered the most organic and most relevant search results. It continues to refine its algorithm programs to make itself more accurate and more user-friendly.

When digging through the world’s vast data, Google’s almost accurately categorized and cataloged pages should make you wonder how it does all this. The secret lies within its  Page Rating formula. Through which, Google assesses the power of links to any website.

But, how does Google rank you in search engine result pages (SERPs)?

And, what determines how high or low your website will be in SERPs?

If you could know about the ranking factors, you would be able to optimize your website accordingly, wouldn’t you?

Out of curiosity, you may have made a couple of Google searches about it already. A simple Google search on “most important search engine ranking factors” will yield about 2.6 million results.

But, here’s the thing.

Leading SEO experts finally agreed on not just five, ten, but only three ranking factors.

Yes, we have a top 3 list that details Google’s top SEO ranking factors.

Let us find out about the 3 top factors Google use to rank your website. Alternatively, you can learn about them to bolster your website’s ranking.

So, what are those top three ranking factors?

  1. Links
  2. Content
  3. RankBrain

The first 2 ranking factors may make some sense to you. But, RankBrain? Yes, I will get to RankBrain.

Now, first learn about the top 2 ranking factors:

Links aka the Backlinks

Links never stopped being a top factor. Here is to the ones who spent countless hours doing nothing but building backlinks for their website. Links will be the #1 factor for ranking. Google determines the value of links based on where they are from.

More clearly, if your links originate from the domains that Google values higher, chances are Google values your links highly. Google also takes the pages on such domains into consideration.

Moz, a social marketing solution website, refers to high-valued domains and pages as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). In addition, Moz measures DA and PA through a 0-100 scale.

latenightbirds link checking

It is clear that the higher the number, the better the domain will be. As a result, you will have better links.

#Takeaway: consider building backlinks from domains and pages with high DA and PA. This increases the chances of your links being valued highly. As a result, you will experience the overall improvement in Google ranking.

How Can You Build High-Quality Backlinks for Your Site?

  • Utilize the broken-link building method
  • Create premium infographics
  • Write guest articles on authority sites
  • Spy on your competitors
  • Build internal links
  • Link outreach
  • Blog commenting

#Remember, creating backlinks from high powered domains with high DA will enough for increasing your rank. You don’t need to source domains with great PA.

Content The #2 Factor, To Me!

Just building backlinks won’t be enough if you want to appear as an authority website in a niche. Recent Google algorithm changes focus heavily on relevant content in search. Google continues to experiment for providing better user experience. For this reason, they want to provide the most relevant content for the query or questions a user may ask.

So, creating great content is enough?

In many cases, yeah!

If your site features great content, you can increase your website’s ranking while not having the best backlinks.

How Can You Create Great Content?

  • Publish relevant content focusing on the right keywords
  • Make your content as bigger as your competitor. The more words you have than your competitors, the better.
  • Find keywords in your niche that have low competition
  • Focus on creating content for specific searches
  • Research your article title’s main keywords in Google
  • Use SEMRush for a quick competition analysis for free
  • After creating content and publishing; don’t forget to apply On Page SEO tricks on the content page to reach maximum value possible form Google.

Here are some resources about great content writing: 

In Depth Article Writing – Copyblogger

Content Writing Checklist – ConvinceandConvert

5 Ways To Create Content – QuickSprout

RankBrain – The Artificial Intelligence (AI)

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system. It learns from people’s searches and auto updates itself accordingly. The system is used to deliver the best search results for users.

For Example: imagine searching Google for a specific item. If you click on the #4 result instead of the #1 search result, RankBrain moves the most relevant content from #4 to #1 if most of the people keep click on the #4th result most of the time.

So, technically you can somehow trick the AI with better Title and enticing meta description. (there are other factors available though)

I experimented this to one of my Local Blog named NShamim where I published a video about ordering one of my premium course. But, what specific trick I did there is; I told people to search my main keyword and then click on the link of my website (instead of giving them the link directly).

And guess what?

The RankBrain algorithm learned it and executed and brought my site at the TOP for the keyword I wanted. 🙂

Here is the result:

rankbrain example

Note: There are a lot of other factors also involved in this ranking and experiment but Google AI (rankbrain algo) played a great role though!

SearchEngineLand shared an aweome FAQ based article about RankBrain which you must read to understand the whole about RankBrain. Click here to read.


If you want to rank higher quickly and above your competition in Google, then you must be aware of top 3 ranking factors I discussed above.

Feel free to share this article with your friends who love to learn it. 🙂

Comment below and ask me anything regarding links or rankbrain, I will be there tomorrow to answer all of your questions.

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