Do you believe in the impact small things can create? I do. Ever since I observed how Twitter's 140-character bite-size tweets changed the ways people accessed real-time information. Twitter's strength comes from its simplicity. Twitter proved its effectiveness when significant news of the Arab Spring revolts was transmitted through this platform.

“Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation – and it’s happening with or without you.” – Charlene Li, author

Founded in 2004, Twitter has emerged as an excellent venue to share anything from breaking news to entertainment, to sports and to worldwide politics. Twitter has surely changed the ways we consume news. Twitter has made it easier than ever to network that brands, and companies are joining the network not only to get the word out, but also to quickly respond to their customers' needs.

What You Will Learn From This Guide

  • What is Twitter?
  • How can Twitter benefit a marketer?
  • How to Get Started with Twitter
  • Starting your Tweeting Activities
  • How to Build your Presence on Twitter
  • How to Build a Following
  • Recommended Tools to Improve Productivity

In order to survive in a rapidly-changing eCommerce atmosphere, you must have social media strategies. One of the greatest things about marketing with social media is that no matter what the dimension of your business is, you can still be able to reach your target audience irrespective of your budget.

Twitter, for example, is increasingly becoming an effective tool for businesses of all sizes. So, let's find out about Twitter and what it has to offer.

What Twitter Is?

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that allows you to deliver short messages (tweets) limited to 140 characters long to the people (followers) who subscribe to your tweets. Twitter has a easy-to-use, simple interface that anyone can use for sharing information. Your tweets can share a link to any Web content. Therefore, you can infuse blog post, website page, PDF document links in your tweets.

How can Twitter benefit a Marketer?

Twitter's power is realized through its use in connecting people. Complete strangers can convene on this platform over common interests, thoughts and share their ideas with each other. In this way, people can take part in discussions that range from the relatively banal to the extremely essential.

As a marketer, you can take part in Twitter chats concerning the interests of your target audience. Participating in conversations, you expand your network of like-minded people. Tools, such as:Twellow, Followerwonk, Xobni can help you find like-minded users and integrate with your Outlook and Gmail to find the people you already know.

Okay, let's move onto the main discussion and discover how you can leverage the power of this popular 140-character social media site.

How to Get Started with Twitter?

When you will use Twitter, you will tap into a resource that will strengthen your marketing efforts from engaging your audience to generating brand awareness to achieving new leads.

Existing Twitter users can be divided into two categories. One base of the users use Twitter to tweet about all the happenings in their daily life. And, the other segment just uses this platform to share content.

You can gain insights for your campaign by identifying what segment you want to engage with and understanding how they're using this tool. If you can find out their motivations behind using the site, you can base your campaign on your findings.

Setting Up your Twitter Account

Your Twitter account and profile catalyze your Twitter experience. The Twitter Community will learn of your story from your account. Your Twitter should be similar to your other social-media accounts. This helps people identify and engage with your brand.

  • Step 01: Pick your Twitter Username

Your username shows up next to all of your tweets. Your Twitter username should be your legal name or your business name, or a combination of them can associate your brand with the person who owns it. For instance: if your name is Mark and your brand's name is Brilliance, a username could be "@MarkBRI. Your username represents your brand (@latenightbirds2) on Twitter. A Twitter username contains, which comes right after the @ symbol. Therefore, it should be unique and relevant to your industry.

John Ferrera, CEO of Nimble, suggests, "Make sure your company identity and voice are branded well, a consistent tone so that people clearly understand who you are and what you do."

  • Step 02: Profile Picture –

    You get to upload a profile picture under Profile tab in your Account Settings. If you just created a new account, you'll be prompted to upload one. Your profile picture should contain your brand logo or your headshot. Or, you can just attach your logo as watermark on your professional portrait. Headshot is always recommended as people like to follow people not the logo (exceptions for the business profile though). 🙂

  • Step 03: Profile Header –

    Twitter Header

    Similar to Facebook's Cover Photo, a Profile Header is a large background photo. Header Profile appears at the top of a profile picture. A Profile Header needs to be attractive and of high-quality. Change the Profile Header occasionally to suit special holidays, offerings or seasons.

  • Step 04: Profile URL –

    A Profile URL reroutes traffic from Twitter. So, it can redirect to your Homepage or a custom Landing Page. Create a landing page specially for Twitter users to make them feel accommodated on a new page.

  • Step 05: Color Scheme –

    How about setting up your Profile with the color of your brand? Sounds good?

    Click on the "Edit Profile" tab on your profile and change the color theme following the indication on the image below.

    Twitter Marketing Color

On Twitter, you customize your Profile with a color scheme. This color scheme will work not only with your Profile, but also with your Tweets. Select a color scheme that blends well with your other Profile elements and works well with your brand. Use a color that's easy-on-the-eye.

  • Starting your Tweets –

    After setting up your account following the steps listed above. It's time to start Tweeting and communicating.

140 characters, remember? A lot to squeeze in.

How should your first Tweet be like?

Here's a formula for your first tweet: "Image+your company's introductory offer+link to landing page+relevant hashtag"

Tweeting Format

As you can notice, this first Tweet formula mentions including a landing page related to the introductory offer you are willing to give. The offer must appeal to your target audience. For instance: if your a photography equipment dealer, your offer may include 5% off on certain lens purchases.

An HD image can get your Tweet noticed fast. So, it's a requirement.

However, you can't follow this formula all the time. As seeing the same decoration all the time, your followers could find your Profile boring. So, you need to constantly change your approach to Tweeting. Here are some other formulae you can apply that could attract users and direct traffic to your content.

  1. Formula #1 – this formula deals with clear-cut approach. And, it can make a user aware of the benefits he/she could get by accessing the content. It's the simplest formula, so make sure you apply it from time to time.

The [number]-step checklist for handling [certain situation]

  • For example: The 5-Step Checklist for Overcoming Social-Media Complaints
  1. Formula #2 – your Followers won't visit your site, unless it adds value to them. How can your website ease your Followers' lifestyle? Which ways can your website provide them with a solution to their problem? You must ask these questions first before applying this formula.

[Ask Followers about the problem]? Check out these [number] effective methods to [solution] here

  • For example: Your #SEO Campaign Just Doesn't Work? Check Out These 5 Most Effective Solutions.
  1. Formula #3 – we, humans, love to imitate others. Your Followers might find it hard dealing with a problem. So, referencing how others are solving may encourage them to emulate.

Here's how [person] [overcame problem]

  • For example: 10 Design Tools Our Designer, @MarkDe55 Uses to Create Stunning Stock Photos

How to Build your Presence on Twitter?

Just starting Tweeting does half the job. If you want to market with Twitter, you need to build your presence on it. And, getting noticed builds a strong foundation. In this section of the article, I discussed a couple of methods you can consider employing for getting your name out there. Okay, let's explore them:

  • Use Hashtags – hashtags give viewers a quick look at what your tweet may contain and what conversation or event you're part of. By using #hashtags, you can stand a chance to expose yourself to an even bigger audience. Many people follow what's happening with hashtags. So, using hashtags can help you tap into their interests. But, don't overuse hashtags. Limit hashtags to 2 or 3.There is a complete guideline of Hashtagging, Mentioning and so much on Twitter Support here: Click
  • Retweet – retweets offer a great way to increase the value of your community member's content. You can attach your own commentary to explain what the retweet is about. Here's how to retweet: "RT @username: it's amazing!"
  • Take Part in Twitter Chats – this is a very effective way to expand your network of like-minded people. Conversations help you grab attention from your target audience. Participate in chats relevant to your brand and contribute to them or even offer to host one discussion as a guest.

"The first people to help build your brand should come internally," says Amanda Cohen, marketing coordinator, Homescout Realty .

She adds, "Make sure your coworkers are following you on Twitter and tweeting, retweeting, engaging, etc."

How to Build a Following on Twitter?

Without having a strong following, you won't be able to retain the foundation you built. A strong following can help you gain social-media ROI you're looking for. Follow the tips listed below to build a strong follow:

  • Share Tweets – any content of value is worth sharing. You can share tweets concerning free offers, blog posts, or guides offering value.
  • Reference Twitter Users – cite other Twitter users with the @ symbol. Upon sharing the content of other users, they'll be notified of the citation.
  • Stay Trendy – stay up-to-date with currents events, trending events, and topics. Mention these events in your tweets to gain a foothold.

Recommended Twitter Tools

Once you start getting involved with Twitter, you may find it difficult to manage all your Twitter activities. Therefore, you may need to use tools that can improve productivity.

  1. – is a multipurpose URL shortening service. Besides shortening your links, you can share them to multiple Twitter accounts.
  2. Buffer – Buffer offers a smarter way to Tweet. It allows you to schedule your Tweets to be shared throughout the day. Buffer is also great analytical tool. It can help you determine what your audience prefers or dislikes.
  3. HootSuite, Sprout Social and Social Engage – these are popular Twitter management tools. They help you manage all of your Twitter marketing efforts effectively. With these tools, you can make data-driven Twitter marketing decisions and measure ROI.

Bottom Line – apart from Twitter being a popular, active social networking platform, it can also be a powerful business channel. That's why companies both large and small are integrating their marketing approaches with Twitter. Twitter may not be as large as Facebook, but if you want to lead a successful social-media marketing campaign, then your marketing efforts must include Twitter. This guide can provide you with everything you need to know about marketing with Twitter. So, make sure you follow this.

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