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Are you looking for the most useful tools for your marketing and tech department?

In the modern age, everything tends to evolve quickly. In a fast-paced world, we eagerly wait for the next big thing to happen. As marketers, we also welcome new advancements. But, more often than not, instead of making our lives easier, they are overwhelming us. Problems arise when the advancements quickly become obsolete with our effort and money invested.

How can you stand up-to-date with all the advancements?

How can you make the most out of your resources?

Sheet to Marketing Tools

In this article, I tried to answer such questions. And, I compiled the list of tools you will need to point your business in the right direction. Let’s find out about them:

  • Tracking and Analyzing – running an online business or content marketing campaign, you need to track everything from your ads to technology. Without tracking and analyzing, you won’t be able to know your performance. Without new advancements overlapping each other, you need tools that will let you know what a boon is for your brand and what a band is!

#Recommended Tools – more than 80% of small business owners use Google Analytics. You should too. It helps you gain valuable insights on your brand’s progress. If you have an enterprise range business, you may check out Adobe Analytics.

  • Automating Marketing – Marketing automation is a must for assembling all your marketing efforts. Your marketing automation process should include analytical, tracking, email marketing and online form tools. It should be a suite that could offer visitors customized content. The suite tools should manage sales and marketing.

#Recommended Tools – if you run a small business, then try HubSpot, InfusionSoft, etc. Enterprise-range businesses can try SilverPop, Pardot, Adobe Campaign, etc.

  • Optimizing Conversion – after working on driving traffic to your website, you start converting them into customers. The next step is to turn them into long-term loyal customers. You may lose your prospects if your website is not helpful, reliable or attractive.

So, make sure you design your website with visitors’ experience in mind. Optimizing conversion means doubling the number of people that fill up online forms. Conversion optimization tools can also help you procure valuable data.

#Recommended Tools – try Optimizely for split testing or A/B testing of your page. WordStream’s Landing Page Grader can also help you design marketing apps easily.

  • Campaign Management – you need applications that could help you design, manage, and target cross-platform marketing messages. Campaign management tasks include data mining, customer-event triggering, campaign optimization, customer segmentation, recommendation engine, etc.

#Recommended Tools – Integrate is a useful tool for overcoming marketing operation challenges. Pardot, Adobe Campaign, Accomplice, etc.

  • Email Marketing – “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.” If implemented properly, email marketing can generate significant brand awareness and drive conversion.

#Recommended Tools – MailChimp, Target, Exact, Constant are some of the tools you can use for your email marketing campaign.

Bottom Line – digital marketing requires harmonizing everything from growing revenue to optimizing time, effort and money. You need to think ahead, most importantly you need tools that will help you stay ahead. In this article, I discussed such tools. So, make sure you follow this.

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