Either you create a new account, or start pinning frequently on your new account; 80% chances are there that Pinterest will block your account.

The problem is – they just don’t block your account; the links you are sharing, will be blocked as well.

This is really disappointing.

But, Pinterest does it automatically and I think, they should teach their AI properly to do this. 🙂

Anyways, in today’s article – I will show you how I unblocked one of my sites from Pinterest.

Here is the notification I was getting once they blocked my URL.

Okay. I initially contacted their support from this link. And then from the “Appeals” section I clicked on “Pinterest blocked my site” and clicked on the “Continue” button.

On the next page; i clicked on “A Pin from my website is blocked for Spam” and then continue.

Here you will have to put your username, name, email ID and click on the “Continue” button again. And send your details like what was the problem, which links you are facing issues on, is it a new pin or not from a public or private board and so on. And they will reply to you within the next couple of business days.

But sadly, they didn’t get back to me.

So, what I did is – I emailed them directly.

Here is the step by step guide to do that

Step 01: Log in to your domain’s (domain which is blocked) email like [email protected] not in Gmail or free email.

Step 02: Compose an email like below.


This is Nasir Uddin Shamim from Bangladesh.

Recently i started focusing on Pinterest and after creating account; I forget to verify my email ID and they blocked my entire account. I can log in but I see, my website (*****.com) is still blocked on the site.

My Pinterest Profile: https://pinterest.com/example

My Website: https://example.com

Please help me on this issue.

I am ready to provide any kind of docs from my end.


Step 03: Send your email to this email ID: [email protected]
You are done! Just wait for their confirmation reply like below –

Thanks for reaching out to the Creator support team! Your questions are important to us — someone will get back to you soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out our best practices: https://pin.it/qxnxlbmdc7nlfe

The Creator support team

Step 04: You will receive an update once they fix your problem. See the image below –


My website is fully recovered and I can start pinning again.

Initially, there was some problem but eventually, everything got fixed.

Now, follow this exact template and method I used and get yourself unblocked from Pinterest as well.

Best wishes. 🙂

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