Hey! Welcome to LateNightBirds, LLC

A Digital Media Publishing Network. A Premium Resource Collaborator For Online Entrepreneurs.


We are working on building some tools that would help publishers and online entrepreneurship enthusiasts. More on our TW.


We run a network of 21+ blogs that generates 1.5 million visitors per month. The number is growing crazy!


We have a couple of courses for Local students and international students named NShamimPRO & SEORelaxed.


We spend at least 15% of our earnings to help the poor by building them a sustainable business.

Stuff We Are Working On!

Our Main Focus Is Building a Blog Network and Here Is a List of Industries We Are Cooking Our Contents With..


The niche is too saturated. Still, our content excellence makes this a success so far.

Home & Design

We are very much into this niche. It took too long to get traction from Google – but hey we are on it.


Generating 50k sessions a month and just got past the long plateau mode. Chilling!

Internet & Mobiles

This is the only site we monetize with Google AdSense and generating $2k/m already.

Business & Finance

Our biggest blog with thousands of articles on it. Our biggest earner from Contextual Ads.

Men’s Lifestyle

Added this site to our portfolio last year and already generating 1k sessions per day.


We have two sites in this niche. Both are doing great with 30k sessions per month on average.


Targeted to the whole world but the majority of traffics are from the USA. The RPM is climbing.


A site of our portfolio that generates the lowest RPM for us. Probably need some attention.


A site we started for our students. Recently just started getting tractions from Google. Hopeful.


It was a dead niche for us until we recently gave it a different angle and boom!


We have two sites in this niche. One is doing great as a multiniche and another one is thriving.

Arts & Hobby

Newly launched. The growth is like muddy roads with lots of ups and downs. Hopeful.


Our oldest site on the portfolio. Did some mistakes at the beginning but looking good now.

Info bombs

This is our AI Writing experimental project of 4 sites and it’s going great so far. Future?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Company’s Mission?

LateNightBirds has two missions in essence.

One – providing the readers with the experience of unmatched high-quality, engaging, and well-researched unique content.

Two – building tools and premium resources that solve a specific problem that online entrepreneurs and publishers are facing every day. It may cover the solutions to the latest AI World to the evergreen problems like fixing a workflow.

What Is The Company’s Revenue Model?

LateNightBirds use two ways to earn money: Ads and Affiliate Programs. The ad revenue can be generated through the use of pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, post-roll ads, and custom creatives. The company also uses affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, App Store Associate Program, Google AdSense, and Facebook Partner Program. Our main revenue comes from advertising and selling tools to entrepreneurs.

We are seeing lots of Ups and Downs in the revenue graph right now and looking forward to stable it a bit.

Where Are You Based?

We are based in Torrance, Ca, USA (an LLC) and our founder is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are planning to expand our operations in Europe this year as well. Our team consists of dedicated writers, designers, developers, and collaborators from different countries of the world.

What Is The Company’s History?

LateNightBirds is a Media Publishing Company that was founded by Nasir Uddin Shamim back in 2015. It was a side project and later it turned into a Company that holds stacks of different online ventures including some successful blogs and some tools and premium resources that people use every day.

At some point it was a successful blog – but we had to delete all the content as the mission & vision changed and we are publishing content here again from scratch. 🙂

Initially, LNB was a marketing service-providing company focused on SEO and Content. Now it focuses more on publishing new blogs under the LateNightBirds entity and creating new tools for online entrepreneurs.

How Do We Find And Hire Talent For The Company?

We have (infact our writers) virtual offices across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the US. If you want to join us as a writer or growth manager, please send an email to mail at latenightbirds.com with a link to your portfolio, a link to your notes about the recent problems you solved, or a recent work you are very proud of.

Do you guys offer any Services for other Businesses?

We used to offer holistic marketing services before. It’s officially paused now. But still, email us at mail(at)latenightbirds.com with your expectations and budgets. If we find it wholesome that matches our time and confidence (to deliver you the best of this world); we are always open for new partnerships and scopes.

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