I Don’t Feel Like Writing & Blogging! (& The Fixes)

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Once you start a blog – you get super excited.

You feel energetic designing the blog (changing the themes, designs, fonts, and colors).

You feel like designing the logo and the front page (homepage of your blog/website).

But, when the time comes to write the blog – you get stuck and procrastinate.

You keep scheduling the central part “Writing” to the next day..and you keep doing it over and over and over again.

This continues…..months after month and after passing 6 months of valuable time; you find your blog empty with the default “Hello World” article by WordPress.

Time changes, so do the competition, and your interest in blogging on this blog or website is loosened to none.

And you are not alone!

In this internet world; millions of bloggers wanted to start a blog but failed.

They are not failed because of their incapabilities or shortcomings.

They failed because they never tried and they never built the momentum to keep it going and make it successful.

It’s not the competition, technical changes, or the financial security or reward – it’s YOU who lost interest to keep publishing articles regularly and building a real BLOG that the users & search engines will love!

But why?

Maybe you thought about publishing 1 or 2 articles and start getting an insane amount of traffic from Google. Maybe you thought that blogging is a money-making machine where you can print money right after you started it and published a couple of articles.

But the reality is different. It’s harsh and it hurts.

So, how to overcome this mental stuckness in the blogging arena? What are the fixes of such writing procrastination? From my years of experience in this industry here are my 0.2 cents:

7 Fixes Exactly To People Who Don’t Feel Like Blogging and Procrastinate While Writing

  1. Just Start The First Sentence or Paragraph of Your Blog
  2. Make a Blog on a Topic You Know Well and Can Write Effortlessly Without any Help
  3. Make a list of Topics or Titles (50 at least) Right After You Start Your Blog
  4. For The First 100 article – Don’t Think About The Competitors
  5. Write Directly On WordPress. Login to your Site’s Dashboard, Open The Editor, and Stare At It Until You Write your First Word.
  6. Make It Short at Initial Draft (Even Publish It) And Improve Later
  7. Embrace the Fact That It Is A Long Term Game (and When It Kicks In, You Need a Minimal Effort Then To Reap The Benefits)

I think – this list just not only applies to Blogging but also to every kind of project you do online where your involvement matters. You can take this list into Vlogging or Video Creation for YouTube, Product Creation for Spring (TeeSpring), E-Book Creation for Amazon Kindle, or anything online and become successful at it. To me, this list is so powerful and effective!

Let’s elaborate on each item and give you some thoughts so that you can feel it from your heart.

Just Start The First Sentence or Paragraph of Your Blog

It happens to me a lot. When I want to write a new blog post or want to record a new video for my YouTube Channel – I just push it to the next time slot. And it just gets pushed away continuously until I just take the first step and write the first sentence (infact the title of the post) or hit the record button of Camtasia (a tool which I use to record my videos) and start talking about something.

It just works like magic!

Just Start The First Sentence or Paragraph of Your Blog
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No other motivational video, rewards or anything ever worked for me like how this particular trick worked for me. I wasted a lot of time (not just days – literally months after months) before I figured this out.

To me, just writing the first paragraph or even a sentence just gives me the momentum to keep at it. Just pressing the Record button on my video recorder and me just talking about the basic intro thing helped me keep recording the whole video which I have been procrastinating for months.

It worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you too! But 90% of readers of this blog would find it effective because this SIMPLE thing has that much power!

Just give it a try and let me know in the comments. 🙂

Make a Blog on a Topic You Know Well and Can Write Effortlessly Without any Help

If you can write about a topic effortlessly without getting any input or help from other related third-party websites; that would be a perfect topic for your Blog and this is that ONE thing that will glue you onto your blog for a long time.

Because, from my personal experience of professional blogging for 10+ years; the most irritating thing is to research something by opening 15+ tabs and getting all the information in one place, and then combining and polishing them for the readers with your own take.

Make a Blog on a Topic You Know Well
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So, if you can completely ignore this BORING Research Process at least for the beginning of your article – that would be an awesome advantage for you to stick with just writing and publishing articles on your blog. At least, you will feel like coming back to your blog every day and writing something you already know a lot about.

Make a list of Topics or Titles (50 at least) Right After You Start Your Blog

It helps a lot.

I mean – if you have a list of Topics to write about, you will never ever have to think about what to write next.

I have a list of titles ready to write for this LateNightBirds blog which I have stored on a Google Sheet already. So, whenever I am done writing this article, I would need to go back to Google Sheets and check what need to write next.

Make a list of Topics or Titles
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It’s pretty quick and I can instantly jump on it.

If you are a video creator – make a list of Videos you will need to make in the coming months and store them on Google Sheets. Bookmark that sheet in your Browser’s Favorite section so that you can access it instantly.

If you are a blogger – just make a list of Blogs you need to write and store them on Sheet.

If you are a Software Developer – make a list of features you will need to incorporate on your Tool and store the on a Sheet.

This way – you will be organized and can start the task immediately once is done. The productivity and work done rates will be improved a lot.

For The First 100 article – Don’t Think About The Competitors

When we start creating something – it may be an Article or a Video or a Tool or even a Business – we think too much about the competition and we get scared and at the end of the day/month, we see nothing is done or completed.

Listen – everything in this online world is competitive. Millions of people are coming to the Internet to build and sell something.

You are not alone in working on a project. Maybe 100s of other people from all over the world are working with the same idea. And thousands of similar projects have already been done and implemented and live on the Internet.

Don't Think About The Competitors
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It doesn’t mean your next article or video or software or business will not get any traction. If you can keep at it – everything will add up.

So, don’t ever look back to others or competitors. Just keep doing your stuff and once you are done with 100s of stuff (articles, videos or features, or tools) – you will find 10+ items from those 100s generating the most income/traffic/traction which you never dreamt of.

Of course, the first 100s are tough. You will lose interest, your motivation level will be emptied and you will not feel like working anymore.

But if you can keep at it and build your first 100 articles – you will start seeing some numbers of traffics/income/sales to boost your motivation level. If you were stuck in looking at your competitors and did nothing because the competition was fierce; you wouldn’t be at the present moment of success (the initial traction).

This is it! You got my points, right?

Write Directly On WordPress

Most of the people I know love writing on Google Docs, MS Word, or Mac pages and I followed the norm and wrote a lot of articles on those platforms. But recently I discovered that – When I write in WordPress Editor directly, I get more articles done.

It may be because of the environment.

What do we do on WordPress usually? We publish articles there, right?

So, when I open WordPress Editor, I can feel the environment. I feel that – it’s all about writing, editing, and publishing. That writing environment matters!

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It matters a lot!

It creates an indirect and undisclosed effect that makes you a writer who knows nothing but writing. It makes you focused only on writing by eliminating all the distractions we typically face.

Give it a try! Trust me – you will see the differences.

Make It Short at Initial Draft (Even Publish It) And Improve Later

If you are a perfectionist; then you will have a very hard time keep publishing regularly.

I was a perfectionist at my initial time of blogging journey but I got rid of that thing, luckily.

Better, I try to publish articles as soon as I write, and then when it is indexed and gets some impressions from Google; I improve them with better citations and facts. That just works.

I suggest you write as fast as you can and use Grammarly to fix your errors and publish them immediately.

make your first draft quick.png
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Because publishing articles makes you energized and motivated to publish more.

When I see an article live – it makes me feel good.

This will make you feel good too.

Once you are done writing – just hit publish and improve it later.

Embrace the Fact That It Is A Long Term Game

We lose the motivation of working or blogging or creating new stuff – because we expect success too early. We think that – whatever we do, should give us the result immediately.

But it never happens.

It rarely happens.

And we should understand this and keep this in mind.

Success is not easy to achieve.

You need to spend a lot of time working to find it. You need to hustle, break all the comfort zones, miss all the occasional leisure time and stay focused on the work you do and keep doing it continuously, every single day for a long time to get whatever you wanted to get.

You just published 20 articles or 20 videos and you can’t expect success with this.

Just stick with the initial goal of 100 articles/videos/or whatever and then think about the result.

Keep your expectation low but keep the process running. If you can keep your expectation low – and trust your process and know that it will take time – you will never lose hope so early.

Success takes time (no matter what you do).

Use a Productivity App
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Bonus: Use a Productivity App

Use an App that can remind you Live about what you are working on and stops you from being distracted, periodically following Pomodoro Technique. I am currently using an app named Centered which is super cool.

Centered App continuously reminds you about your task and tells you exactly when you are distracted. You can add tasks on your App and lets the sessions run.

If you are not using any app right now – I suggest you to check that out.

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