This LateNightBirds was actually a company website where I was providing SEO Consultancy services which I stopped permanently. I think I can do better if I just focus on my own projects and spend those client time to my own websites. Working for myself always inspired me and I don’t feel tired doing that.

Welcome To LateNightBirds Blog!

I have created too many blogs in my life just to keep my daily logs. I always wanted to save my daily activities, experiments with blogs, and Google. I always tried to share different mediums using which I am earning money in Online and living my life.

Sadly, I have never been able to continue the blogs I have created so far. Either I have been too much busy with making money with my projects or I just became lazy enough not to log anything in a separate blog.

When I started in 2009, if I guess it right, I would’ve one of the biggest “how-to-blog” types of websites in this world.

I never took any profession seriously in my life. After graduating, I instantly got a job in a corporation in my Country, passed some years there, and quit. Later built a company with some of my friends and quit (2 times btw). In the meantime, I bought countless domains to start a different kind of business online (new, alongside some successful ventures) and never started them.

Before starting blogging (taking my experiment logs, literally), I bought two domains. Again! And wrote a couple of reviews and blogging articles there and forgot. :/

Anyways, I bought another domain, installed a theme, redirect those two blogs in this, and took a vow to start again, seriously.

This time, I am taking the blogging stuff seriously and want to see how it goes. My experiences (Almost a decade in this industry), experiments, hustles, and learnings might have something worthwhile to share with the world. And this is the only motivation I have right now.

As this is a side project (because I have lots of other professional blogs where I make money), I may not be super active here in blogging; but I will definitely cut down my times on other stuff (what I usually do in leisure) and stay alive here.

I hope, you guys will stay with me, as always. Inspire me, comment on your opinions, and share the articles (if you found anything useful).

Last but not the least, I will not promote this blog like a pro (like how devoted I am with my professional blogs) because I would like to let Google and visitors handle that for me. 

Thanks & Love,

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