Why Consistency Matters In Blogging? (9 Reasons)

Does consistency matters in blogging
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The number 1 rule in Blogging is consistency.

Success in blogging is all about consistency.

No matter how good you are at writing – if you can’t produce content regularly – your blog will die.

No matter how well-researched your article is – if you can’t support it with related new and fresh content – your well-researched and highly ranked article will gradually lose its position on SERPs.

I have been researching hundreds of blogs for the last couple of months and I found one single pattern – consistency. The successful blog you see, or the blog that makes more money on the internet – publishes regularly.

Either you or your team – should blog now and then and publish them on the internet.

In today’s article, I will talk about some reasons why consistency matters when you think about building a successful blog (that earns you money and traffic) in 2023 and beyond.

The Reasons

  1. Frequent Crawler’s Activity
  2. Google’s Love To The Freshness of Contents
  3. Continuous Direct Brand Searches
  4. Viralability
  5. Trendy & Updated Info
  6. Related Contents To Back Your MC Up
  7. More Keywords To Get Traffics From
  8. More Contents To Build The E.E.A.T Signals & Scores
  9. Love, Seriousness & Responsibilities

Maybe there are more reasons to back up the main points of this article – what matters most in Blogging. But the main thing is – if you just keep at it (writing and publishing continuously), every point I have mentioned above, will be covered and glued automatically into your blogging lifestyle.

In fact, all the points are closely tied with one another, and lacking any of them will break your ultimate blogging momentum. Needless to say – these points are only for professional blogging and pro bloggers. If you are just an occasional blogger and don’t have that ambitious goal of generating income from your blog or building a blog-based business; then just keep going at your own pace. No need to worry about what Google and other SE think about you or your blog. Doesn’t matter…right?

Let’s break down each reason with some examples that I think you will able to resonate with yourself.

Frequent Crawler’s Activity

Google loves crawling new content on the web.

It is Google’s (and other search engines’) main task of the day.

The algorithm is designed in a way that – Bot jumps link to link to find new content and index them and store them on their database.

Note: The maximum speed of indexing is 10 times per second.

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This means any activity that happens on your site and if it’s something new (new text blocks, new images, new media, or layouts); Google bot picks it up and stores them on their database.

The more such activity happens – the better chances you have to show your work to Google and the world. You will rarely see a website that ranks well on Google these days that has been indexed 4 years ago but no new content added and consistently getting traffic. It rarely happens these days.

You have to make sure the crawlers visit your blog every now and then and you need to keep this activity running.

And the only way to keep it running is to add new content regularly. This will verify the other points I am going to talk about below. Because everything adds up. Remember what I said? Every point is linked to each other at some point.

Google’s Love To The Freshness of Contents

Freshness is an official thing of Google’s Ranking Algorithm.

If you blog every day – Googlebot will find something fresh every day. This means – fresh content to index, fresh content to rank, fresh content for the readers, and fresh content for the internet as a whole. That’s an amazing thing to think and hopefully, Google (and most of the other search engines) thinks this way too!

Google rolled out the Freshness algorithm back in 2011 and still, it’s playing an important role in determining the right kind of fresh articles on SERPs.

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According to Google; almost 20% of everyday searches are found completely unique that have never been searched on Google. That is really a big number and your blog should have covered something somewhere (in existing articles or in new articles) that is completely unique for the Internet world.

For example – if you are reading this article right now and came so far; I am asking you to re-read the Index section of this blog post; and then search “Why Consistency Matters While You Think About Blogging” and evaluate the top results – have you found anything similar?


Because – everything I am typing right now came from my experience and own thought process about Google’s algorithm and blogging as a whole!

You may have different opinions – even it may not be 100% perfect or accurate. But at least you are giving opinions on something on the internet which is heavily populated with an immense rate of rehashed ideas or content. So – something unique is always a good input for the internet and Google.

Just keep that in mind – add something to your blog that is completely unique (I am not talking about Plagiarism here) and add something to think about. Because – Google always looks for something fresh on new blogs. And this is how you should be approaching blogs these days.

Continuous Direct Brand Searches

There are some websites you visit directly for some reason.

These are your everyday blog or website.

You don’t care about Google or any search engines when you need to visit this kind of website.

For example – I myself personally visit EspnCricinfo when I want to read any cricket-related updates. I directly visit ProthomAlo when I want to know what’s happening in my country. I directly visit OilCo when I need to buy any Car related accessories or essentials.

Every one of us has that kind of specific love for some specific websites and we love to get the information we need from them instead of searching on Google.

WebMD gets almost 16% of direct traffic from all over the world. This means – if WebMD gets 130 million traffic every single month and 16% of that direct visits this site from their browser, that’s roughly twenty million eight hundred thousand people who visit WebMD directly.

blogging rules
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That is Insane!

Now let’s get to the point!

WebMD wouldn’t be in this position if they stopped publishing articles once every piece of Medical Topic are covered. You personally wouldn’t visit WebMD regularly if they stopped covering all the latest varieties of medications available on the internet. Regular publishing builds trust automatically.

I personally wouldn’t visit Espn if they stopped publishing new updates. Their continuous updates make me visit them often. This consistency and quality in covering new topics every day create an anonymous trust that pushes me to believe whatever they say.

So do Google.

Google understands this and acts that way in terms of ranking them on any related query people can think of that niche.


Once content gets viral – Google and other search engines instantly notice this. Because – people love to mention viral stuff on their own blogs or social media feeds and search engines can’t ignore such a sudden flood of mentions or links to a specific article/content or media.

Now the question is – what could get viral in 2023?

The obvious answer is – content that is trendy and matches the lifestyle that everyone is possessed right now. People always relate stuff found online and if it’s extremely related to their unconscious mind or thoughts – they tend to share it with others. Most people can’t express their feelings properly and when they see similar kinds of memes or videos or social media posts – dopamine hits and makes them share that stuff on their own feed.

viralability in blog
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But, how could you be that much relevant to the public who are scrolling nonstop on electronic devices?

The only thing you can do is – publish regular content so that if 99 contents are missed; the 100th one might get the attention of the people and it gets viral.

That means – your content has less than 0.1% of chances to get viral if you don’t keep up with the consistency it required.

Trendy & Updated Information

If you are in a niche and continuously publish articles – you will automatically publish trendy content in the process. Because – your topic research phase will bring those trendy topics to your list.

I have a blog about Home Improvement. And I had the plan to publish all those evergreen contents on this niche from article 1 to the 500th one.

Interestingly – once I continuously researched new topics and published new articles; I noticed some keywords that focused more on recent events that happened in the Capitol Building of the USA.

This is inevitable!

And visitors love this.

Google also loves this.

You are covering different topics on a niche regularly – which means you are always relevant.

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The information you are sharing will surely consist of the latest topics as you need a consistent flow of new topics to write about. If you aim for a blog with about 1000 articles – you can’t just sit back and relax with some evergreen topics that have already been covered in millions of blogs out there.

As the new topics are being published regularly; you will have that urge to evaluate every piece of content using Google Search Console. GSC suggests numerous sub-sub tiny topics for the parent topics and you will feel like including them in your existing articles.

And this is how updated content is born and not only visitors but Google also love this. The Freshness algorithm is promoted by Google just because they want the publishers to update their old articles regularly with trendy information to stay relevant.

All of this is only possible – if you just keep publishing articles regularly. The trendiness and updates happen automatically in the process.

Related Contents To Back Your MC Up

I am writing this article right now on WordPress. It’s 3:39 AM and I am sure I can’t publish it tonight as I need to manage images for each section and need to do some basic On-Page SEO before publishing this piece. But, the most important thing which I would love to do but can’t do right now is – Internal Linking.

If I take this content as one of the pillar content for Professional Blogging – I can’t give internal links to any of the related content and can’t have any internal links pointing to this page either.

It’s because – this blog section is being built from scratch again and I don’t have that many related articles yet.

If I publish 1 article in 2 days – that means I can publish 3 or 4 articles a week and 12-15 articles a month. With the assurance of regular publishing – I will surely have enough articles to build internal links and raise some of the best pillar contents of this blog to build a new standard to the eye of Google after just 1 month of blogging.

That is awesome!

And see how consistency in Blogging adds up.

consistent blogger
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Just imagine, you are doing it (regular publishing) just for 6 months. You will have at least 80 high-quality articles and Google will surely pick at least 30 to 40 articles to send you a lot of traffics as you have 30-40 pillar contents with a lot of backups (related posts with an internal link pointing to the Main Content (MC).


How that CONSISTENCY plays a vital role here? How regularity makes your dream career come true?

Just stick to it and give it enough thought so that it keeps emblemed in your brain!

More Keywords To Get Traffics From

The more content you publish on your blog, the more keywords (seeds, long tail, and related) will be picked up by the search engines.

I have seen a correlation between the number of indexed pages with the number of keywords search engines picks and the number of traffic/m as well (provided that the site is not built using any automated script or scraped from other sources).

If you have 10 articles published – and if Google picks 100 keywords for each article – you will have 1000 keywords ranked on Google. If 5% of that ranks from 0 to 10th position in SERPs – you will get 50 traffic on average every day.

Now, if you publish 100 high-quality articles? Well, 5% of that will give you 500 traffics. That is a huge number.

more articles means more ranking
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What about 500 articles?

You got the points.

You will get maybe less or more. But the idea is solid and proven.

And this is only achievable if you can publish articles consistently. I had a habit of launching new blogs; publishing a couple of articles and letting them die out. But the approach is changed now and I can see each of my blogs is getting enough impressions within 2-3 months of consistent publishing.

More Contents To Build The E.E.A.T Signals & Scores

We trust people who have vast amounts of experience.

In the Online world – how would we know who is more experienced on a given topic? Well, it is, who published a lot of articles on a single topic. We find them on Google and read the articles and assume them is the right people to get knowledge from.

This is the reality and fortunately, it is very much doable.

You can make yourself look like an experienced expert in a given field by publishing a lot of articles on a single topic. Which covers the E.E.A.T Signals that Google counts to rank a page.

consistent blogging creates trust
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There’s a catch.

If you have a blog and use multiple authors to write about the same topic – then you may not be able to build that E.E.A.T as it will be spread to all the authors. In this case, if you have 5 topics on your blog – assign 5 authors for each topic separately.

Most importantly – publish as many topics of a niche as you can, and publish them regularly. Make it your habit and reap the benefits later.

Love, Seriousness & Responsibilities

Seriousness and love of publishing and the responsibility to give it enough time – are the 3 pillars of building a successful blog.

If you just keep going (publishing new content regularly and researching new topics for new content creation) you will have that LOVE for that site automatically.

Once you start loving your blog and see some traction from Google and even start generating some money; you will take that blog Seriously and it will become your responsibility to maintain it with full effort.

I have experienced this personally with a lot of blogs so far.

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Initially, I built some of my blogs as I found some keywords to target. But later when I started writing, I felt good and eventually became serious enough to take that blog as a responsibility.

So, you will never find the love or seriousness or feel responsible for a new blog just after starting it. You may feel excited at the beginning but it will fade away once you stop researching new topics for that blog and stop creating content. This means consistency is the key.

If you stay consistent no matter what – you will surely start feeling some excitement (and good) about that blog as you will see the spike of impressions and clicks on GSC.

The Last Word

If you want to be successful in Blogging, the first thing you need to achieve is – consistency. If you are consistent in publishing articles – the other qualities like grammatical-error-free content, SEO-friendly content, and better flow of the writing; everything will be achieved on the go.

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